3 Ways You Are Killing Your Game in 2018

3 Ways You Are Killing Your Game in 2018

Today we’re going to be talking about three ways in which you could be killing your game. Okay, so what is the game? I’m not talking about Monopoly. I’m not talking about Foosball. I’m talking about your ability to attract women. I think the term game first comes from the States, from America. And was referring to guys who are good at basketball, they’re ballers. All right, they’ve got game. What that meant is if you get a basketball you’ve got game, you’ve got money, you’ve got a future, and you get the chicks. So it’s going to transcend that into the modern vernacular. To me, a man who has the game, he’s got a crazy game, means he is good at attracting and securing results with the fairer sex, with women. Okay, so how are the three ways in which most guys out there are killing their game?


Number one, okay probably the most important point, concerning game, is all about you and your inner game and your self esteem. Okay, so your self esteem translates to your self confidence and your pride in being you. Okay, so you have to learn to have higher self esteem. I’ve had many life coaching clients and date coaching clients, who have really suffered from inadequacy complexes. You know, they can’t do anything. They’re not good enough to do that. They’re not attracted to people. No one finds them funny, right? This is all a self belief. You have to train yourself to no longer do that. Self belief and high self esteem. So, how do we start to bring that out? That high level of confidence in your own ability? The first thing is to challenge every aspect of your life in which you’re not happy that you’re great at. If you think that you’re not good at speaking to people, well then purposely go out and start conversations with strangers. Keep doing something until you’re no longer sensitive to it.

This is desensitization. If you’re crap at speaking to women, if you’re rubbish at speaking to women, then speak to loads of women until they no longer scare you. Until you’re no longer nervous and you’ll be like, “Wait, wait a minute, I can do that.” And then move on to the next thing, all right? If you do anything over and over again, it may terrify you and you’ll be awful at it at first, but as you do it more and more, your skills will progress. You won’t be sensitive, you won’t be nervous, you’re less likely to mess up. And you too will become an expert on that.

Okay, furthermore, everybody has talents, things they like doing. Things they’re good at doing, nurture them. If you’re good at something, keep doing it. Get better at it. Having a skill is not only great for your self esteem, you know you’re a pro, your an ace at one thing, it’s also very cool and a way of displaying your prowess in that area. Which is massive for your self esteem. So if you’re good at something keep doing it. Get really good at doing that thing. Whether it’s a sport. Whether it’s a certain way you dress. Whether it’s something you do creatively. Keep doing it, perfect your skills and become a master. If you’re a grandmaster at absolutely anything, it’s very hard to have low self-esteem. You just quite simply, think about that activity, the effort and the skill you have in that, and try and adapt those same vibes, those same emotions to other areas of your life. Finally, an absolute killer for self esteem, is negative influences in your life. If your friends, your partner, your work colleagues, put you down, they have a negative effect on you, you leave them feeling lower than you did when you met them, then they are negative influences. You need to cut them out. I don’t mean, see less of them. You need to really think, “Is this person “a positive influence in my life?”

And if they’re not, no more seeing that person. It can be blank, it can be harsh, but it’s all about you, your progress and you making sure you nurture your own soul, your own self esteem and get better results in your life, in general. And that’s gonna translate to your game. And make you more attractive to women. So point number one, self esteem. Take care of it, work on it. Treat it in the right manner. And it’s gonna grow and evolve into something which is gonna be extremely attractive.


Okay, our second point has to be your appearance, all right? It’s tough to have high self-esteem if you don’t take pride in what you wear. “Clothes maketh the man,” is an ancient English proverb. You are what you wear. This is true. It still rings true today. Even though that proverb has been around for, literally, thousands of years. The clothes you wear say a lot about you. If you dress like an average guy, then expect to be treated like an average guy. If you dress like a super cool guy, you get where I’m going here. You’re going to be treated like a cool guy. So take pride in your appearance. Make sure you’re looking fashionable. That your style is working for you. And the garments you wear show you in a good light. And get looks which work for you. Not only are you going to be treated differently, by other people in society, by your peers, and especially by women, who are very aesthetic and like a man who knows how to look good.

It’s going to make you feel good. Because when you look good, you feel good. You exude confidence. If you put on one outfit and you know you look hot shit, it’s tough to look in the mirror and not smile. You know you’re looking good. You’re feeling good, and it’s time to work it. And especially women, are going to pic up on those vibes. The effort you put in yourself. Those emotions that, “I’m worth it. “I invest time, energy, and money into myself.” And they’re gonna find that incredibly Alpha and attractive. So make sure your style is on point. From your grooming to your clothes, your shoes, your hair, your hygiene. It’s all part of your appearance. And a massive source to make you a more attractive man with a better game.

Body language

All right, the third point has to be body language, all right, the way you hold yourself. Okay, if you look nervous and shut off. And slumped shoulders, or turned to the side, then obviously you’re a shy guy, and that’s how you’re going to get treated. In a very un-confident, un-Alpha manner. Women are going to find that very unattractive. Sitting closed off, looking away. Lousy eye contact, okay? Women find this very unattractive. If you’re going to hold yourself like a man, then you have to be confident. Shoulders back, deep breath of air to the lungs, good eye contact, and when you speak, as well, you want to be animated.

Good gestures, hand movements, raising your tone like in a best online dating movies. If you’re telling a story, and you’re scared you want to act that emotion, with body language, facial gestures, the tone of voice. Crescendos in the pitch of your voice. All of these elements make you a more interesting social interactor. All right, so your body language, your facial expressions, your voice, your tone. All of it comes under the same banner. How you animate yourself and your body language and your speaking skills. So make sure that you’re looking at that. And you’ve got that on point as well if you don’t want to be losing the chicks out there guys.

Okay, so that was three significant ways in which the average man is killing their game. Their ability to go out there and pull the hot girls. If you’re falling into those traps, change it. And it’s going to work for you.

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