4 Tips For Men to Make You Instantly More Attractive in 2018

4 Tips For Men to Make You Instantly More Attractive in 2018

The subject of today’s article is four tips to make you more handsome. So these are our top tips to make sure you are making the most out of yourself and your face. Some more rules of today dating world!

Skin care

Okay, tip number one. Tip number one is proper skin care and the use of good skin care products, right? So, it may sound obvious, but I know that most men don’t use any products whatsoever. Maybe a moisturizer at best, okay? What you’re ultimately doing by not caring for your skin correctly is filling up all the pores, the tiny openings in your skin, with dirt every day, and that is going to promote aging and other damage and other wear and tear to your skin, which you can avoid.

Skin care manStay looking younger, fresher, and sexier for longer. Alright, so you want to get yourself some good skin care products. I like to use the following. They’re high-end products by Clinique, and I use an exfoliator scrub twice a week. Okay, you see that there? I also use a daily face wash, right? And then I use a moisturizer, anti-aging moisturizer cream. And finally an eye toner cream, alright? That seems like a lot, but you’re going to use a small portion of each product daily, apart from the exfoliator scrub, which you use twice a week, right. You will see the results. Your skin will feel amazing, a lot fresher, and I swear by it. I think it has great anti-aging properties, as well, even though none of that is proven. It’s worth a try, isn’t it, right? And women have been using them for generations and tended to look a lot better than guys. It’s our time. I get a lot of guys talking about having bad spots, oily skin, dry skin. Well, the right product is going to eliminate this tenfold, right? If you are getting zits, you’re getting spots, right? That’s probably because you’ve got long greasy hair. One, so wash your hair more regularly, and two, use a face wash and good non-oily skin care products. So this is going to help you, not only your spots, zits, dry skin, greasy skin, it’s also going to stop you from aging at a drastic rate. It’s also going to slow down your skin’s aging and keep you looking younger and fresher for longer. So right skin care cream should be essential to any man’s daily routine.

Good hair

Okay, the second point has got to be good hair combined with good stubble. So let’s talk about good facial grooming, basically, right? So you’d be surprised how many men out there just do not have a hairstyle. If you just wait for your hair to grow long and then leave the house, you don’t have a haircut. You just have hair. So, next time you want to get your hair cut, it’s looking scrappy, and it’s looking long, and you have no idea what’s going on there, then just go into your salon, ask the hairstylist, what do you recommend I should do? Okay, we’re going to pop up a couple of the most simple hair ideas right now. Okay, the short back and sides with the pushback quiff, always the easiest and the most versatile for the widest range of different hair types. So check that out, and if you can do it, copy it. If this will not work for your hair type, then as I said, go to a good salon and ask them what is trendy and what will work with your face shape, your ethnic type, et cetera, et cetera. They will make a recommendation, and you will have a hair style, and it will look better than just plodding along with a hair style which has no style and just makes you look like someone who isn’t making any effort. Once you’ve got your hair style sorted, it’s about making sure that your stubble also goes well with your hair, okay? As a general rule, keep your stubble short and exact. Anything beyond a couple of days’ growth is going to look scrappy, so if you have a short back and sides, keep your stubble short. I think the era of the beard is also gone, and only about 10% of guys look good with a beard, so probably let’s move on from that one now and go back to just having short, trimmed, and neat stubble.

Dental care

Okay, our next tip is going to be dental care, okay? There are a couple of elements here. One, if you have really bad teeth, get a brace, alright? I know it’s going to be a bit of an undertaking, you’re going to have to go to the dentist, you might have to wear that overnight, but it’s worth straightening your teeth, especially if you’re young.

 Dental care man It can take a couple of years, and you can go from having jagged teeth to a much better set of gnashers. Your teeth are important. They are your smile. They’re going to make you way more or way less attractive. On top of that, if you have stained teeth, too much coffee, smoking, you haven’t taken care of them as a kid, have your teeth whitened or at least use toothpaste with serious whitening properties. A lot of toothpaste now say that they whiten your teeth. They don’t. So get something like this one, Pearl Drops, which works. Or, have a cheap whitening service, there are a lot of people out there offering this now. Or go and see a professional and get your teeth professionally whitened. It’s gonna make your smile look way better, and teeth are always a focal point when meeting someone and in the realm of attraction in general.

Pale skin

Finally, and our last point, right, okay, this may be a bit niche for all of the Caucasian guys out there or from other ethnic backgrounds but who have pale skin, alright? If you are extremely pale, you’re a real white boy; then you have a change that, right? You can go on a sunbed. Some people don’t like to make sunbeds. I might do them a couple of times a year. Some people may not like sun beds. I think that a couple of times a year is going to do you no harm in the long run, but if you’re totally against that, then try a moisturizing cream with tanning properties. This one is a daily top-up moisturizer with a bronze tint. You’re going to choose what skin tone you are, light to medium or medium to dark, and wear it a couple of times a week, accordingly. It’s going to give you a bit of a sun-kissed look, it’s going to take away that really pale skin tone, which guys like me tend to get in the winter, and it’s going to make you look way, way more attractive. So make sure you have at least a base level of tan, is our final point.

Okay, gentleman, so there you have it, our four definitive tips to help you be as handsome as is humanly possible.

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