5 Characteristics of Confident People in 2018

5 Characteristics of Confident People in 2018

The subject of today’s article is five characteristics of the handsome man. Okay, these are five things which we’ve realized that a lot of hot guys tend to do. The guys who get more female attention, the alpha males of the group, the guy which we all wants to be, right? So, this is what we’ve broken down which seems to be familiar to all those kind of guys.


Number one, alright, it has to be your attitude. Positivity, okay? When a hot guy, or a handsome guy, he’s not hot to me, I’m not gay. Sorry for all the fans out there. Alright, sorry, back to the point.

PositivityWhen a handsome guy leaves the house in the morning, he’s positive; he knows he’s hot, he knows he looks good, he’s got a positive attitude about him. He is a glass-half-full guy. You don’t wanna be challenging yourself, put yourself down, thinking “Oh, there’s a hot girl coming, “I could never approach her, “What’s the point?” Make eye contact, smile at her, be positive, be positive with people you interact with, be nice to the man in the shop, call everyone buddy or mate. Shake hands, slap backs, right? That’s very animated, it’s very alpha, and that positivity is going to transcend into all areas of your life, and it’s going to make you a very attractive social player. So it is positivity, attitude, and knowing how to hold yourself in society, number one.

General style and grooming

Number two has got to be your general style and grooming. Alright, this could be the effort you put into your appearance. It can be grooming your facial hair and making sure your hair is looking good. It’s your overall appearance, right? Again, if you know the getting attention you’re going to wanna give something back to your fans, the people checking you out. So, handsome guys, men used to attention, high-value, high-status men, tend to put a lot of time into their looks. So make sure your clothes are fashionable, they suit you and your getting the right mixture of color, trends, and sizes, etc. Make sure your style is on point. Your hair and your grooming, as well. We don’t want to see messy, overgrown stubble. We don’t want to see hair which is too greasy or lacks product or direction and style. So, be aware that your style, your hair, your grooming says more than just “this guy knows how to dress well,” it says a lot about your confidence, your self-esteem, and pride in appearance, which translates to overall confidence and shows that you are a hot guy.

General body language

Okay, the next point has to be your general body language. It goes back to the last point because when your aware that people are watching you, you become more of an actor. So, exaggerate hand movements, levels of voices, tones, facial expressions. These are all things that confident people do to animate their character more when they’re in the conversation. People who are aware of attention, they want to give something back to their audience and thus, your hand movements, your body language is all very important to show that you’re confident, you know you’re worth it, and you know you’re attractive.

Facial expressions

Okay, our next point is leading on from body language. It’s your facial expressions. Okay, that is a kind of body language, but it deserves its separate category, okay? People who are very used to attention, who know they’re handsome, who is confident, smile a lot. Everything is happy; everything is always positive. If you’re walking around with a look on your face that doesn’t show that you’re feeling your own life then who wants to be with you? You want to be with someone who’s positive, who’s smiling and has that great energy. A big smile, lots of nice facial expressions, is always going to show you’re on top of the world, you’re feeling great because you’re life is great because you’re great because you’re handsome, you’re hot, and everyone wants to be with you or around you.

Eye contact

Our final point, and again, it’s another extension of your facial expressions and your body language is eye contact. People who aren’t confident, they look away, fleeting eye contact, they can’t maintain eye contact for a while.

Eye contactYou don’t want to stare like a psychopath but make sure when you’re speaking to someone, you show interest and show you’re not shy and nervous by maintaining good eye contact, right? It’s going to show that you’re confident, you’re listening, it’s going to show that you’re the astute guy, someone who’s good to have a conversation with is confident, and can maintain that eye contact throughout the conversation without feeling the need to nervously look away. And furthermore, women love the excellent eye contact. It shows you’re not afraid of them; you’ve got that killer instinct, that you’re going to take what you want. And that you don’t need to keep shying away from their beauty. So, girls going to dig that, as well, but it’s also going to help to make you a more attractive and charismatic kind of guy in general.

Okay, guys, so that was five characteristics of the handsome male. These are just traits which we have observed, tends to be common to all men who fit into that category. No matter where they’re from, their ethnicity, what country they’re in if you’re that kind of guy, used to attention, you’re a handsome male, these are part of your social repertoire. If you’re not doing them, you better start doing them, because we want to be hot guys.

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