6 Tips On How To Meet Women Online in 2018

6 Tips On How To Meet Women Online in 2018

Most people would immediately think of online dating if asked how to meet women online. There are hundreds of different dating sites and mobile apps like Tinder available on the internet. It is almost impossible to escape the online dating culture. Although dating sites are extremely popular within singles and a lot of couples got together because of online dating, there are other efficient ways to meet women online. Online dating is not for everyone, some people feel uncomfortable sharing detailed personal information online or chatting with a bunch of random users behind the screen. Luckily, meeting women online is not limited to online dating only. A dating expert has shared some ideas on how to meet women online without having to register on dating sites.

I have tried online dating before and still occasionally check the sites, but I am not a regular online dating user. I have mixed feelings about dating sites. On one hand, I think it is amazing that you are given the opportunity to meet people online with whom you share similar interests, life goals, educational background, hobbies, etc. Here are the best dating site for fitness singles for example. On the other hand, I found online dating to be very time-consuming. There are way too many options and messaging women on dating sites can be rather stressful. You have a lot of competition to deal with and there is a high chance she will not even see or reply to your message. I still prefer meeting women online rather than in real life as it is definitely easier and more laid back. However, I prefer other ways of meeting women and I will explain how to meet girls online.

How to meet women online without online dating

Below I will explain how to find a girlfriend online or meet single moms (Yes, there are dating sites even for singles parents))))) in your area without having to register on multiple dating sites and spending hours looking through hundreds of profiles of women. 

1. Social media

Social media

Social media is by far the easiest way to meet single women online. Especially Facebook or Instagram. You can learn a lot about a woman by scrolling through her profile, photos, and information. If you are wondering about how to start a conversation with a woman online, it is not that difficult. If you have mutual friends or perhaps know the lady already, then send her a casual greeting. She will feel more comfortable and willing to chat if she has heard of you before or share a mutual friend. The same goes for your already existing Facebook friends, if there is a nice looking woman who has been on your friend list for a while, why not say “Hi” to her? The worst thing that could happen is her ignoring your message. Instagram is more of a casual platform, don’t be afraid of commenting, or sending Direct messages to women on Instagram. I suggest to start off by complimenting her photo gallery and see where it leads. Some of the best pick up lines that I’ve found for you!

2. Meet women online on Meetup.com

Meet women online on Meetup.com

To my mind, this is one of the best ways to meet a girlfriend online. This is a website that works by helping people to meet others with similar interests who create communities and meet in real life over a drink, meal, activity, hobby, and other purposes. On Meetup.com, you can always find a group of people going bowling, clubbing, hiking, cooking, painting, dining, and doing many other cool activities. The app suggests some of the best places to meet single women. There are also communities for individuals who are single and ready to mingle, so don’t forget to check these groups out. Living in a big city and regularly using Meetup.com is working wonders for me. I highly suggest giving this one a try.

3. Nextdoor


Nextdoor is a free social network that allows you to get to know your neighborhood better online. Perhaps there is a nice single woman that lives next door to you but you haven’t had the chance to properly meet yet. Say no more. You can exchange useful information and initiate conversation on Nextdoor.com and meet plenty of your neighbors.

4. Nearify


Another cool app to meet people and reconnect with old friends without any pressure. Nearify lets you know what events are happening in your area and when. You are shown what events your friends are interested in. There is always a chance of running into an old friend or that cute girl you have never spoken to yet at one of the events in your area. Don’t miss your chance 🙂.

5. Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog

What a better way to meet someone than by meeting a cute dog and its owner. This app shows you if there are any other dogs in your area. Next time you are walking your dog, you can easily chat up another user with a dog in your area and go for a walk together. Not only you can make a good friend, but it is also possible that the owner turns out to be the woman you have been looking for all these years. You never know.

6. MeetMe

If you are looking to meet someone online without having to fill out personal information or completing a bunch of questionnaires, then this is a great pick for you. On MeetMe, you can meet people from all over the world and chat online. You can see what other people are finding interesting on MeetMe, discuss your hobbies, interests, and even learn a new language. There are plenty of women on this app who are willing to chat and even take things further.

This is my advice on how to meet women online without joining dating sites. While online dating is useful to some of us, there are definitely other interesting ways to meet people online and are worth trying out. I hope you will try on or two of my tips next time you want to make a friend online. Best wishes.  

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