7 Things That Turn a Guy on | Scientifically Proven to Get a Man Hooked on You in 2018

7 Things That Turn a Guy on | Scientifically Proven to Get a Man Hooked on You in 2018

Now if you think about sex in itself is weird. If aliens traveled across the galaxy to finally study humans to see what we do, they’d probably be impressed by us, by our intelligence, by our cellphones. But then if they witnessed how we had sex, they’d be like “What this?” And that would just be for regular sex. And then there’s a whole small majority of us who are into some super-duper freaky weird; For example, some men are somehow turned on my feet. Yes, the things that you walk on every single day, they want you to put your feet down there. So just to be clear, this video is not about fetishes or weird like that. This is seven things that most of you women will probably find a little bit weird but most guys, at least the majority of us, are actually into this.

Women of all shapes and sizes

Number one: Women of all shapes and sizes. Now society tries to tell us that men are only into very skinny, petite women. And those are the types of women who are on the cover of Cosmo or any magazines that you might be reading. But for you more voluptuous women out there, I need you to know this; I need to tell you this right now: That is not only what men are into. They are into women of all shapes and sizes. And Google tells us this. In fact, for every skinny Google search, there are an equal amount of fat searches and what are called “BBW sites,” which is the BBW standing for Big Beautiful Women. Believe it or not, those are incredibly popular. And a lot of men are very attracted to more voluptuous women. So for you, larger women out there rest assured there are guys out there who want to be with you and your incredibly beautiful body.



Number two: Music. Respondents on a recent survey that I found said that primarily music being played in the background is 40% more likely to turn them on than even the touch or the feel of their partner. – Oh why, hey there! – Ew! Oh, hey there.

When you look like him

Number three: When you look like him. Now according to a study led by the University of Montpelier, it appears that we are attracted to people that look like us. Now I know a ton of people who look just like their partner, and it is freaky as And you probably know some people in your life who you can think of who is dating someone who’s like their brother or their sister, they look alike, and it’s frigging weird. So I want to hear from you in the comments, leave a comment right there below if you know someone who’s dating someone who kind of looks like them. This often works for dating coworker because you look like him!

Sexy voice

Number four: You’re hot, sexy voice while you’re menstruating. A study in a psychology behavior magazine showed that when a woman is menstruating, and they played those voices in men’s ears it sent tingles up a man’s spine. Like they, we can tell the difference apparently either consciously or subconsciously when a woman is menstruating, and that ultimately turns us on. So for you ladies who are going out a night on the town and it could be that time of the month where you might be menstruating, make sure you remember to take the pill. Men are going to be all over you, apparently.


Number five: Altruism. Altruism is the selfless concern for basically the wellbeing of others. In a study by the British Journal of Psychology showed that the more altruistic you are, the more likely you are to have a ton of sex. So be a right person. Not only are you going to help others, but you’re also going to have an excellent life with lots of sex. And the reason why this is the case, if you think about it it makes sense. If you go back to when we lived back in tribes, right? And a man goes out, and he goes hunting, and he kills a boar. And he brings this wild boar home, and he’s like super excited that he has this fantastic animal. If he just took that animal in the corner and made it over the campfire and ate it all himself, everyone would be like; man are you dangerous? Are you not going to share it with the rest of us? You ladies wouldn’t be interested in that man. However, if he came back and he brought back this wild boar, and he shared it with the entire tribe, and he was the type of person who wanted to go hunting and provide for everyone, not because he’s a selfish person but because he wants to give back, you would be so excited. Damn, I wish that guy! Right after I eat some boar. And apparently, the same concept is the same for men. And I can certainly speak for myself on this one. I find it incredibly attractive when a woman kind of steps outside of herself and does something for other people or even does something for me when she’s not necessarily concerned about herself. The type of person who gives back without expecting something in return. Altruism is an incredibly sexy quality in a person. And quite frankly, it’s just an excellent way to live your life.


Number six is fear. Believe it or not, there was a study where they took two groups of men, split them in half. They took one group of guys and put them on top of a bridge in like a terrifying place, like super high, so they are freaked out. And what they did is they took these two different groups, and they made an attractive female to interview these men. And what they found somehow by doing this questionnaire, they found that the men who were terrified at the top of this bridge were way more aroused by that woman than the guys who were just sitting comfortably in a chair. I have no idea what part that plays in evolutionary psychology, why we are that way. But it makes sense. Who hasn’t watched a scary movie and just wanted to get utterly freaky at the end of the film?

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries

And finally number seven: chocolate-covered strawberries. Recently the online dating site Zoosk came out with this survey. And they asked their users what type of food they found to be the sexiest. And the number one that came back for both men and women was chocolate-covered strawberries.

So I want to hear from you ladies, what of these seven are the most significant turn-ons from you? Write that in a comment, right there below. Also if you enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to give it a share. And finally, if you haven’t been over to topolinedatingsites.com then make sure you click that link. Bye-bye.

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