8 Very Important Third Date Tips in 2018

8 Very Important Third Date Tips in 2018

Congratulations! You’ve finally managed to make it to the third date after possibly too many disappointing first dates. The third date is an important one, this is the time you will find out for yourself if this is the person you want to continue dating and become exclusive with. You definitely want to make a good impression on your third date, as the person you are seeing is also figuring out how he/she feels about you. These third date tips from an experienced online dating user will certainly help you to make your third date successful.

“I decided to share my dating tips, as my friends say, I am really good at giving such advice. I have been on a lot of first, second, third, fourth dates and have made some mistakes but also had very good dates with some amazing women. The third date is crucial, that’s for sure. You will most likely hear personal experiences and facts about your date and share some of yours with him/her. This is the time you will find out what happens after the third date and if there is a future for the two of you. I will navigate you through my most important third date rules:”

Cool third date ideas

“Location plays an important role when it comes to dating. You want to take your date somewhere you both enjoy. Avoid nightclubs, loud bars, and other overcrowded places for your third date. A good idea would be a place with a lovely romantic atmosphere that is not too loud to ensure you can properly hear him/her. My third date outfit ideas are usually casual clothing, however, sometimes I go for formal, depending on the location of our date.”  

1. Wine Tasting Wine Tasting

“This is my favorite idea for a third date. I am a shy person, and a little bit of wine helps me to relax and become more talkative. So if you are anything like me, consider inviting your date to a wine tasting event.”

2. Romantic dinner Romantic dinner

“You can never go wrong with a romantic dinner. Either invite your date to a nice restaurant that is not too crowded or prepares a nice dinner yourself and light some candles. If you know his/her favorite dish, then go ahead, your date will love it!”

3. Watch the sunset  Watch the sunsetWatch a movie

“What can be more romantic than watching a sunset together! Sunsets are beautiful and set the right mood. You will have an opportunity to have some life chats, get to know your date more and cuddle while enjoying a beautiful view. My advice is to bring along some snacks and a bottle of good wine”.

4. Watch a movie

“This is also a good idea, find a movie that both of you would enjoy watching. Get comfortable on the couch, bring a cozy blanket and cuddle :)”

My third date tips for guys

“To ensure that your date goes as planned, I have listed some of the most important third date rules and what does a third date mean:

5. Don’t be afraid to show affection Don’t be afraid to show affection

If you are still wondering about how many dates before a kiss is acceptable, then I’ll have to stop you right there. There is no such rule, if you feel like kissing her on the first date, then do it. Don’t wait months for it, I’ve made that mistake and it certainly slowed down the development of our relationship. By the third date, cuddling and kissing are acceptable and even advisable. Otherwise, she might get the idea that you are not that into her, or even worse, you will unintentionally friend zone her.”

6. Get personal with her

Third date conversations often get personal.This is the perfect time to ask that question you have been dying to know the answer to for the past couple of days or weeks. Ask her anything you want but also be prepared to answer some personal questions that she might have for you. Go ahead and share with her your past dating experiences, thoughts, life goals. Afterall, you want to know your compatibility and see if there is a future for the two of you. The more information you get, the better. How to do it here

7. Let her in

“Letting her in is one of the most important third date tips for guys. You want to make her feel special and can show it by introducing her to people that you also care for. The third date is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce her to your friends. I don’t mean doing it during the date, but if you happen to run into your friends or if you know that they are somewhere nearby, introduce them to her at the end of the date. That way, she will know that you care for her and have serious intentions. For most people, meeting close friends is a big deal.”

8. Make memories together Make memories together

“To make your third date even more special, create some memories that both of you will enjoy looking back to. Take some photos or videos together. Inside jokes also make great and funny memories, so if you have those, it’s a bonus. Gifts also make amazing memories. My third date gift ideas for her would be a bouquet of flowers, chocolate or another cute small present that she may like based on her interests and hobbies.”

These are my third date tips. I hope you enjoyed reading my advice. I think it will definitely help to have a successful third date. Remember, every person is different, what might be comfortable for one person, might not be the same for another. There is no rush to take things to the bedroom after the third date. I’ve heard so many times people mentioning that the third date is the time when most couples have sex for the first time, but it is in no means obligatory. Do what makes you and your date comfortable, if you want to wait, then do so. Sometimes, from personal experience waiting a bit longer to have sex is  better. Of course, if both of you are in the mood for it, then I say, go for it. Just thought I would mention that. But to use this advice you need a girlfriend. I can advise this dating site. It the best for find a girl for a first date. I wish you best of luck and would love to hear your feedback. If you have any suggestions or advice, let me know:)”

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