8 Things Man Need to Do EVERY Morning Without Fail in 2018

8 Things Man Need to Do EVERY Morning Without Fail in 2018

The subject of today’s article is a good productive morning routine. So we’re going to give you eight things that I do every morning to make sure that I am physically and mentally prepared for my day ahead.

1. Clear your mind before you sleep

Point number one is to clear your mind before you sleep. I know some zen movements here. I don’t know what they are, like Cher dancing. I’m not sure, but if you can clear your mind and forget about all the stresses and struggles which the next day presents you, then it’s gonna be very positive for you.

To Do list


What I do, I have huge to-do lists, so I need to order them the night before I go to bed, then I can forget them when I finally decide to turn the light off and go to sleep. I order them in priority of stuff I need to do, stuff I want to do, and then if I get through half, three-quarters, all of it, I’m very happy, and I feel like I’ve had a very productive day. If I don’t have that, and I forget stuff, or I let stuff nag or I just put it in my calendar, but I don’t check the to-do list, it gets lost, it gets confused, and nothing is done on time. To-do lists, especially if you have a busy day coming up, it will clear your mind, let you relax, and you will sleep better, guaranteed.

2. Read a book

Point number 2, once you have prepared your to-do list and you are aware of the order of your day, and it’s not overwhelming, you can do it, if you’re methodical, that will help relax you. Next thing to do is to read a book. Read a book, oh my God, what’s wrong with this guy? This is 2018, that’s right, 2018. I don’t read books. I check out women I’m never going to sleep with on Instagram. I watch Netflix, that’s how I roll.

Read a book, you Philistine. Books expand your mind and also again promote healthy sleep. It is proven that watching TV is bad. It is proven watching a laptop is even worse. It is a proven that the worst is sitting on your phone. Watching memes and low culture. Read a book, it will expand your mind, and it will help you drift off into a good sleep.

I often watch some TV, wait until my girlfriend has fallen asleep because she’s pathetic and she will fall asleep halfway through every single episode of everything we watch on Netflix. Then I turn that shit off, and I read my book until I also feel the natural urge to fall asleep. I’m falling asleep, book down, bang, I’m out like a light. Great sleep, best of both worlds, so read a book.

3. Down as much of that water as you can

Point three, those are both things you do the night before to help you with your morning routine. But this is still a morning routine. The first thing you do is you wake up, and you don’t have just a glass of water by your bed from the night before, you make sure you have a jug. You wake up and you down as much of that water as you can. Instantly you need to rehydrate. It’s good for your skin, and you’re starting to get your daily quota of water into your body.

I have a jug of water by my bed, and I smash as much of it as I can the minute I wake up. It makes me feel good; I’m starting to get into my daily quota of water, it’s good for my skin. I’m rehydrating, all that good stuff and it freshens you up, you feel like a new man. Also, it fills your stomach a little bit more, so you’re not as hungry, you’re not as likely to eat shit at breakfast. It’s a very good look to start your day, rehydrate. Finish a jug of water you’ve had from the night before.

4. Have a coffee and check your to-do list from last night

get coffe

Point number four, you’ve had your glass of water, you’re up now. It is now time before your shower to sit and have a coffee if you drink coffee, or whatever hot drink is your vice, and check your to-do list from last night. It’s very therapeutic to wake up, have the caffeine which helps you buck up, read through the to-do list and think, yeah, I’m going to do this and this and this and this in this order. Have a coffee, check to-do lists before breakfast.

5. Time for some good energy

Number five, so having prepared your day, you’re getting ready to go out there and do war in whatever your field is. It is time for some good energy. Now what you should do, you’ve thought about the real parts of your life you have to do, and there are some strains and stresses, and you’re thinking, “I’ve got so much to do.” Stop and reflect, look in the mirror and thank the universe for what you have. Feel lucky for the things you have.

Give some thanks back, say a little mantra to yourself. Look in the mirror and say why are the reasons I’m happy. I’m happy that I’m not in some war-torn country. I’m happy that I have food on my table, that I have a job, which I have a girlfriend, I’m happy to have my health. This is good energy. It makes you realize why you’re lucky in life and all of the good things you have. And the fact that you own a laptop and you’re watching this video probably means that you’re better off than 99% of the world, so remember that.

If you want to extend this, show a little sign of affection to someone you love. You could write a little Post-it note for your girlfriend or your partner and stick it on the mirror, so when she gets home, or she gets up after you, she sees it. A little Post-it note for yourself, leave it on the fridge door, thank you universe for this amazing city I live in, thank you universe for the food on my table, thank you universe for laughter. Remind yourself of the good things in life and just how lucky you are, and it gives you a very positive outlook for the day ahead of you.

Think about stuff which underlyingly puts you in a mentally positive state that helps to voice it, to think about it, and you realize just how lucky you are and how your to-do list may be long and awful and how you’ve got to go and sit in front of a computer with a bloke telling you what to do who’s half as talented as you, but you also remember that you are free and you can do whatever you want in your life, and you have many, many things to give thanks for. I’m not a hugely spiritual person, but this has helped me to deal with modern life and the rat race.

6. NutriBullet

The next thing is a breakfast of champs. Get yourself a NutriBullet. This is what I do; this is my routine, a nice smoothie. There are lots of things you can make with that. It’s quick, and it’s easy, and you start to get your five a day which is very important. Get that vegetable in there. Chuck down the porridge, who wants stodgy old oats? And put some porridge oats in with a lot of fruit, veg, really nice, much more healthily rounded than just eating carbs in the morning. You’re going to get some carbs in there to give you energy, and you’re going to have a delicious smoothie. You’re going to get some vegetables and fruit inside you. That’s what I like to do. Breakfast of champions, Nutribullet.

7. Play some music


Having done this, it’s all going to take you a matter of minutes, by the way, gents. All these points can be done in ten minutes. You are going to jump in the shower. And while you jump in the shower, play some music. Put your phone on speakerphone, play an uplifting, cool song, something that makes you feel good, something you’re into, something you like. And again while you’re in there thinking about your day remember, even if it’s Monday, in four days’ time, it’ll be Friday. Think of the stuff you said in your head in the mirror about how positive life is. Be positive, listen to some music, have a shower, get out.

8. Do some exercise

Next point. We’ve left this to our final point because some guys can’t because they have nine-to-fives and they don’t want to get up too early, but the best thing you can do next is to do some exercise. If you can cycle to work, you can jog to work. If you hate those two, walk to work. If you literally can do it, get up in the morning and go to the gym before work. It’s proven that physical exercise makes you happier. It releases endorphins. Those are the chemicals or whatever they are, things inside you which make you happy. Do some exercise, and it also sets you up for the day and makes you feel great that you’ve done that, you’re feeling good, you’ve had a healthy start with a smoothie, bit of exercise, and you’re in that office feeling great, feeling awesome.

That was our eight tips for a positive morning routine. And that was my particular routine. I’ve seen other guys on YouTube doing it, but that’s how I do it, and it works for me. Guys, give it a try and see how you feel.

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