Best Daily Skincare Routine For Men | How To Have Clean & Clear Skin For Men

Best Daily Skincare Routine For Men | How To Have Clean & Clear Skin For Men

Today’s article, we are going to be discussing skincare routine. I’ve had a few comments via the website about how Men keep clear skin.

All right, so, first thing’s first. This is the era of metrosexuality, gentlemen. That means it is time for straight guys to start caring about things like their skin and using face products. So, it doesn’t matter how macho you are, embrace it, all right? Start using skincare products, okay?

So today we’re going to break down the simplest and easiest routine that guys like you and me can follow. So make sure that you are not a greasy, spotty, dry skinned, old before your time kind of chap. All right, so let’s go.

Face wash/Moisturizer/Eye toner cream

So basically, I’ve tried a variation of products over the last 10 or 15 years, and I think they’ve worked. I’m not going to tell you my age, but trust me, I’m younger than I look. So, as I said, over the last ten years I’ve tried multiple products. But what I stick to is three different products within any range, all right?

That is number one, a face wash. So a daily face wash. Every morning use a face wash. And then, number two, apply a moisturizer for the face. And number three, an eye toner cream, all right?

My Skin Care Routine

You want to go for slightly more high-end products. The ones I use are by Clinique, all right? So, we’re going to flash up now those three different products in the range, the face wash, the daily moisturizer, and the daily eye cream right now. But that’s fairly expensive. That lot together is going to cost about 80 pounds. Close to $100. Ah! That’s a lot of money, all right?

But it’s going to last a long time. And you’re not meant to pile it on. You just take small bits of it, and it spreads evenly, and it works. Gives your skin a bit of a shine, especially if I’m hung over or tired. I use that in the morning, and I instantly think I look better. Maybe that’s just psychosomatic; I don’t know. But if it does work, spending a couple of hundred dollars a year in the long run, if that’s going to save me from wrinkles and looking old before my time, I’m happy with that.

All right, so as I was saying, that’s relatively expensive, Clinique. Other ranges I like in the higher end are Lancome, that’s also pretty good, and TOM FORD is another really good one. But these are the higher end of the range. So if you’ve got money, go for it, all right? Use them.

If you do have really bad skin, as well, you can add one more product to that range. If you’re spotty, or you get pimples or a lot of dry skin, then you can add an exfoliating cream in as well, all right? If you were to do that, you do that after you’ve done your daily facial wash. Exfoliate and then apply the moisturizer. So you’ll be wearing four creams. But for your average guy, those three are enough.

Treat your hair

Okay, the second tip to help you maintain better skin is the way you treat your hair! So, firstly, you don’t want to be over-washing your hair. Some dudes are like, “Ah I’m getting greasy hair “all the time, I wash it every day.” Every time you wash it, you’re punishing your hair, and it’s going to start to produce more grease, all right, because you’re stripping it down of all those natural nutrients, right?

I try and wash my hair about three times a week. Okay, some days it’s going to look slightly lank and greasy, but that is good for it. It’s conditioning it. So, I would typically wash my hair, maybe, on a Monday morning, again on a Tuesday evening, and then again on a Thursday, and maybe again on a Friday when I’m going out. So three or four times a week. Sunday no wash, right?

Treat your hair

So every time you know you’re not going to be in a social environment, try not to wash your hair. It’s going to promote more natural grease being produced by your body, which is gonna be more healthy for your hair in the long run. Thus, if you’re washing your hair less regularly, your body starts to produce less natural grease, and the grease doesn’t trickle onto your skin, all right?

Thus, the second point of haircare, is the hairstyle you have, right? We see a lot of, like, angsty, greasy, nerdy teenagers with this kind of haircut. Marilyn Manson. That kind of guy, right? You don’t want that, dude. One, don’t listen to Marilyn Manson. – Well, hello. – And two, those haircuts are putting hair all over your face, and the grease trickles down from your face and gives you forehead spots. And then people like that think, “Well, I’ll try and cover those spots “with more hair on my face.” And it’s a vicious circle. The more hair on the face, the more spots you’re going to have.

So, if you’re going to have long hair, learn how to care for it properly, don’t over-wash it, and keep it off your face as I do. Because the greasier the hair, the more the hair interacts with your skin on your face, the more spots you’re going to have, all right?

So haircare is very important in maintaining a reasonable level of grease on your face in general.

Diet and Water consumption

Okay, our third and final tip, right, is diet and water consumption. So what you put in affects you a lot. If you eat loads of crappy food, full of crappy sugars and crappy E numbers, then that is going to come out through your pores all over your body. It’s unhealthy, and that’s going to give you spots. Do you want better skin? Fix your diet up.

Make sure you get your five-a-day of fruit and vegetable and especially drink a lot of water. Water helps to process everything in your body, and, again, is going to help you to have clearer skin. So good diet, good food, and more exercise as well, guys. We’ll chuck that in as a bonus point. Be healthy. Be Healthy, and your body is going to reflect that.

All right, gents. So that is how I care for my clear visage, my clear skin. Follow these tips, and I’m sure it’s going to be very effective.

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