Dating Chinese Women 6 Best Tips For Canadian Guys in 2018

Dating Chinese Women 6 Best Tips For Canadian Guys in 2018

Chinese girl make good girlfriends and wifes. They are smart, funny, hardworking but can be a little bit shy and reserved. If you are interested in a particular Chinese woman or would like to start dating Chinese women, then read on. You can meet single Asian women on Chinese dating sites, by visiting special events or simply going to their home country. However, you need to put in some work to impress and Asian lady and keep your relationship with her healthy and exciting. There are a few cultural differences you need to consider while dating Chinese girls. An online dating expert that has been dating a chinese lady for the past 3 years wanted to share his personal experience on dating Chinese women:

“I have dated a lot of women in my life and have been married once. After my divorce, I decided to join the online dating scene and met my current girlfriend in the same week. She immigrated here from China a few years ago with her family. We got along very well and after a week of dating, I knew she is The One. She is different, in a good way. She cares about me a lot, always asks how my day went and is always there for me if I need some help or advice. She is the most caring girlfriend I have ever had and I am so glad that I met her. I decided to share my tips about finding good women and having a Chinese girlfriend:”

Chinese women dating

So you have been on a couple of dates with a charming Chinese girl. Both of you are having a great time and enjoying each other’s presence, what to do now? The most important thing, do not stop trying or putting in effort into your dates. Chinese women notice everything, even the little things you thought won’t matter. Here are the most important tips on going out with your Chinese girlfriend:”

  1. Take the initiative into your hands Take the initiative into your hands

“In China, it is expected for a man to make the first move and ask a girl out. Don’t wait around thinking that eventually, she will ask you out, she won’t. Even if she likes you a lot, she will be waiting for you to ask her on a date and not the other way around. Make sure you are polite and kind while asking her out. Pick a nice place and be prepared to pay on a date. Avoid talking a lot about yourself to impress her. Chinese girls like it when you ask them questions about themselves. It shows that you are interested in her and want to learn more about her.”

    2. Keep in mind the cultural differences

Chinese culture is very strict. Before your first date, make sure you do some research about her culture. Chinese people use a different style of communication. It is more reserved. What you think is normal for you might come across rude and intimidating for her. Make sure you are respectful towards her and your intentions are clear. Avoid discussing your family issues on the first date and during the early stages of dating overall. Family comes first for Chinese women and if she knows that you are having problems with yours, she might decide that you are not a great fit for her after all”.

    3. Keep impressing her

The most important thing while dating a Chinese girl is to not stop trying. Even if you have been on a few dates and she seems into you, there are a lot of other men waiting for her to be single again. Chinese women have a lot of admirers, so you’ve got some competition to deal with at early stages of dating. Make sure you surprise her with flowers, tell her she looks beautiful. It’s the little things that matter the most”.

Dating vs Relationship

“You will definitely notice the difference when you and your Chinese girlfriend will start to get serious. Here are a few facts that you should keep in mind during your relationship:

   4. It’s all about the actions It’s all about the actions

Chinese women will not always tell you straight up how they feel about you. Don’t feel frustrated by this and assume she is just not into you. Remember, their culture is more reserved than yours. Instead, your Chinese girlfriend will express her feelings through her actions. If you have noticed that she has been cooking you meals frequently, buying presents or doing other things for you then she definitely likes you!

   5. Meeting her family Meeting her family

“If your Chinese girlfriend told you she would like you to meet her family, that means that things are getting very serious. In Chinese culture, family comes first. Make sure you make the best impression possible. The approval of her family is very important and the future of your relationship depends on it. Bring a gift to her family. The best idea would be bringing something unique or a gift related to their hobby or interests.

   6. Communication Communication

“There is a great chance that your Chinese girl is taking this relationship quite seriously and possibly looking to get married. Especially, if you have been dating for a while and met her family. Make sure you are on the same page and talk about the future with her. Always be honest. If you are looking for a serious relationship as well, let her know.

“I hope my advice on dating Chinese women was clear and understandable for you guys. It is important to keep these things in mind while dating a Chinese girl. If you have any additional questions or comments, don’t hesitate to comment below”.

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