First 3 Things Girls Notice In A Guy in 2018

First 3 Things Girls Notice In A Guy in 2018

The subject of today’s article is “The First Three Things That a Woman Notices in a Man.” And a potential suitor. And let’s be quite honest, it’s all about attracting the chicks. And our three tips are going to follow a quite cliched plot, okay? But the actual heading of it is going to exemplify the general area which women tend to look at in a new guy. And I’m going to explain what I mean by that.

Your eyes

Number one has got to be your eyes, and eye contact especially. Okay, so if you’ve got nice eyes, cool. That’s something which women always comment on: “Oh he had nice eyes,” right? But eye contact is incredibly important. If you can maintain eye contact that’s incredibly sexy, alright? Try not to look away first.

Your eyes man When you’re faced with a girl you’re attracted to, it’s hard to sort of not look away. Because you like her, and you can feel the pressure. But you have to maintain that eye contact. Keep it direct, alright? Where are your eyes? They’re on your face. So eye contact already being incredibly important, let’s make sure we look good. Thus, facial hair, your hair in general, have that all on point. Make sure your haircut is good. You don’t want some mash-up, crazy hairstyle. Or a big, messy, scruffy beard. Make sure you’re well groomed, your hair looks good, and frame those eyes. Remember your eyes are the portal to your soul. She’s going to be looking deep into you. They say a lot about your confidence, your personality, and you can tell a lot about a person by making eye contact with them. So, eyes and eye contact, point number one.

Your bum

Point number two: we hear again and again and again, it is your bum, alright? Girls check out your ass, okay? What this signifies is your sexuality, okay? It’s the same as, “Is he a good dancer? Does he have a nice bum?” I.e., is he going to be good in the sack? Is he going to be able to lay the pipe in bed? So, your bum, you don’t have to have the greatest booty on earth. I don’t check out men’s booties, so I don’t know what a great booty is. Mine’s not bad, I hope. Anyway, so, your bum is a big one, right? So your jeans should fit properly. You’ve got some baggy ass, shitty old jeans, she’s going to check out your bum, she’s going to be like, “Ew, he’s got nasty trousers.” Or, “They don’t fit him.” Or, “They’re making his ass look flat.” Or too big and too tight. Make sure your jeans fit you, alright? If you’re a slimmer guy, you can try skinny jeans. You’re a bigger guy, try straight-leg jeans. What we don’t want is some big, baggy old trousers and old, old garments. Your bum represents your sexuality, okay? So make sure your jeans fit, and your ass is looking peachy out here, boys. 

Your shoes

Point number three, right? Is your shoes. Okay, so again, these are signifiers. Your eyes, the portal to your soul as well as your physical features on your face, that’s why they’re so important. Your bum is your sexuality as well as the way you manage to pull off your jeans and the shape of your body, alright? Your physicalities, how good you’re going to be in bed. And finally, we have shoes, point number three. And your shoes represent your overall style, okay?

Men shoes

So make sure your shoes are cool, alright. If you’ve got some dusty, shitty old pair of Nikes, that’s not cool, alright? You look like a dusty, shitty old guy. If you’ve got a pair of shoes which are not on trend, they’re not cool; they’re not fashionable, that’s you: you’re not on trend, you’re not cool, you’re not fashionable. You are an undesirable guy. Your shoes are quite simply a signifier of your overall look. So what I’m trying to say here, as I always say is, work on your sense of style. But your shoes are going to be incredibly important in that general area of fashion. Make sure your clothes are good. If you do, make sure your shoes are on point, and make sure they’re current. You can’t just walk in the shoe shop and choose any old shoe because you like it. Okay, you like it, that’s individuality. F your individuality, man! You’ve got to be trendy; you’ve got to be fashionable. Stay on point, get shoes which people know are cool, are in.

Okay gentlemen, so that was it, the three things women tend to notice first in a man. That is not what I said; it’s a cliche. You read it in magazines; you hear it all the time, alright? Eyes, bum, shoes. Those are the three first points women tend to look at in a man, and if you make sure those are up to scratch, you’re going to be attracting a lot more of the babes you want, out here. After you attract the girl you need to start conversation read how to do it!

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