How To Get Girls Out Of Your League EASILY in 2018

How To Get Girls Out Of Your League EASILY in 2018

The subject of today’s article is how to attract women who you believe are out of your league, who are more attractive than you are, so basically, how to get the hot girls who you think, I can never have her. I can’t do it. She’s not going to be interested. How can we get their attention and more importantly, their affection? So, guys, this is our five top tips to attract those women who you thought were out of your league.


Number one, the most important thing in attracting a female is your mentality. You have to have the belief you can do it. You are the man. You can do it. She’s not above you. If you want her, you can have her. So you need to have that instilled belief that, yeah, you can do it, why not, right? So remember, a hot woman is simply another human being. If you start to put her on a pedestal like she’s so above you. Wow, she’s so hot. Oh, I can’t approach her. She’s not going to be interested. Oh, I bet she gets really good-looking guys. Then you’re pedestalling her, man. You’re making the distance between you and herself even more. She’s some godly creature. She’s no longer simply a human being. Remember, women are just like men. They are flesh and bones. Yeah, she’s good-looking. She’s a good-looking skeleton. Her skin sits right on her skeleton, that’s it. Right? All you’re doing by giving her a special status for her looks is taking her out of the league of a normal person, and putting her way beyond you. So yeah, it’s all about the self-belief. If you believe you can have somebody, you believe they will be interested in you because you have the character, the persona to pull it off, then you equal that playing ground. There is a reason which you constantly see really hot chicks with guys who are not as attractive as them. It’s because these guys have the self-belief, right? They don’t care that the girl’s good-looking. They know they’ve got the persona. They go up to her, they spit some game, they chuck a bit of banter in, and the girls find that incredibly attractive. It’s confidence and self-belief is the number one key to attracting anyone and thus, you know, a romantic interest, or a new partner. All right, so believe you can do it, go for it, and you will see massive results. Focus too much on looks and the deficit you believe you have, oh, she’s so much better looking than me, I’m, you know, I’m not up to her level, and that is exactly what you’re going to be, a weak unconfident guy with no self-belief, and trust me, nobody finds that attractive. Self-belief, guys, number one. Here are some dating sites for shy folks where you start building your self-belief.

Don’t hesitate

So, number two, all right? Don’t hesitate. Sleep is the cousin of death. Don’t procrastinate. You snooze, you lose, right? What I’m trying to say here is if you overanalyze stuff, you sit there being awkward, thinking, oh my God, can I do it, she’s so nice, so I’m looking at her, oh, she saw me, I’m looking away. One, she’s going to see you like, stalking and looking over and she’s going to know like, that guy, he’s looking at me, he’s going to approach, all right, and she’s going to be ready for you, it’s going to be a lot less spontaneous, a lot less confident, and a lot less of an oomph in the reaction you’re going to get when you go in there. So if you want to speak to her, do it. Have a vague thought about what you’re going to comment on, and we’ll help you with how to make that first comment in a minute, and simply go for it. Remember, the longer you sit there, the tenser you’re gonna get, the more awkward you’re going to get, and the more likely you’re either going to pussy straight out or she’s going to realize, or you’re going to overanalyze it and walk up in a really staged, awkward way and say some really cheesy line, all right? So, don’t overthink, go for it, free fall, jump into it, and do your best.

Never tell a really attractive lady that she’s beautiful

And that brings us to point number three, which never tells a really attractive lady that she’s gorgeous. Okay? This is a killer, right? She knows she’s beautiful, all right? Unless you are super hot, unless you’re Brad Pitt out here, all right, if you go up to her say, “Wow, you’re so beautiful. I had to stop you “and tell you how hot you are,” she’s just gonna be like, “Well, thanks, yeah, I know I am. “I look in the mirror every day, and you’re not, buddy. “You’re simply a fan,” and again, that distance has got even bigger. You’ve pedestalled her even further. You’re now a fan. You’ve given her, you know, even more, ego boosts. The distance between you is growing more and more. You may as well go and pay to watch her on stage. You may as well like all her Instagram pictures, and she doesn’t follow your ass back because you’re a fan, all right, so don’t walk over and tell her she’s beautiful. Think of something witty. Observe what she’s wearing, and what she’s doing, the activities she’s doing. Go up to her, approach her, and say something along those lines.


Tip number four is humor, right? The most attractive trait in anyone is to be able to make someone laugh, all right? So, be funny. Okay? Telling her she’s beautiful, she knows it. Asking her the time, it’s a lie. You don’t know what the time is. Asking directions, that’s not true. Don’t make some bullshit up. Don’t tell her she’s hot. Look at her. See what’s she’s doing, what she’s wearing. Has she got on some quirky jewelry? A funny pair of shoes? Has she got an extreme hairstyle? Comment on that, and if you can, make a funny observation about her style, her appearance, or her activity. And don’t be afraid to laugh, all right? She’s hot, she knows it. She’s already up here, so actually challenging her, having a laugh, teasing her a little bit, is taking her down a peg. You’re showing you don’t fear her. You’re not going to praise and worship her. You’re going to have a laugh, and show your confidence that you are prepared to take on this beautiful being in front of you. Okay, so for example, she’s got mega ripped-up jeans like a lot of the chicks are wearing now. Go up to her and say, “Wow. I love your ripped-up jeans, “I mean, rags. They do look like “they’re about to disintegrate thought, fall on the floor, “and that would be fine with me. “I’m just kidding. You look awesome,” and then introduce yourself. It’s confident, it’s challenging her, it’s not giving her the ego boost of telling her she’s directly beautiful, but you also are telling her you to like her style, but you’re teasing her. Teasing is flirtatious. It’s very attractive, and it’s challenging people, and a challenge in itself shows you’re not afraid to take her on, and you can be that guy who can get her.


Okay, our fifth and final tip is to make sure you look good. Physical looks are a big bonus, right? If you’re a good-looking guy, cool. You’re going to get some attention from women, and it’s going to be great, right? So is status, so is money, but the way you hold yourself, and that’s your sense of style and fashion, is what’s important. It’s incredibly attractive. Your style situates you as a cool guy. You’re on trend; you’re cool. You know what’s going on. You know how you should dress. You know what suits you. You know where you fit in in cool, young society. So make sure your style is on point. Trust me, she’s going to appreciate that, and you’re going to get a massive upsurge in the responses which women give you when you approach them if you look good and work on your fashion. Remember, you are what you wear. Clothes make the man. The clothes turn you from an eight to a ten, from a four to a six. You up your number out of ten just by having a good sense of style. Are you the kind of guy she wants to hang out? Would she be proud to bring you to the pub to meet her mates? All right. You have to be that guy. It doesn’t matter so much about your looks, your physical looks, but your sense of style shows your social status and character. So fashion, fashion, fashion, is of maximum importance.

So gents, that was our five tips to help attract those girls who you think are out of your league, and you can have them.

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