How To Lose A Girl In 6 Ways in 2018 Part II

How To Lose A Girl In 6 Ways in 2018 Part II

We are back, and today, it’s part two in our article of the most common six ways in which guys like you are losing their crush by bad texting, over calling, etcetera, etcetera. So as I’ve said, this is part two so check out part one if you’ve not read it.

Never show that you obsessing

And here we go, so this is point number four, right. If you ask her to meet you somewhere, you want her to do something with you, you’re trying to plan something, and she says no, and you’ve been planning this for weeks in your head. Again, fantasizing about what could be and obsessing about her. You must never show this, golden rule, right? Simply, do not get angry or emotional.

obsessing If you say something lame like, “Oh well, I’m really busy you know? Like, great cool. You could’ve let me know earlier.” You’ve been affected. You’ve been affected by that. Yes, you’re pissed off. You’re angry, but a legendary dude doesn’t do that. He’s just gonna say, “Alright, cool. Whatever. Cool. Whatever. Maybe next time” and move on. Forget about it. If you say to her something like, “Aww thanks for letting me know” or “I made a massive plan” or “I went and bought a brand-new suit and a brand-new watch and got a haircut, all for you.” You’re not going to say that, but that’s what it’s indicating. It’s too much preparation. You’ve got options, bro. She’s not the only girl out there. You see loads of chicks as far as she knows. She’s just another one of your girls, of your harem. Alright, you have to act like a player even if you’re not. Even if she’s the only girl, you’ve ever met. Even if you’re shit with women. It doesn’t matter. She has to see that you have options and that runs through all of these points as well. What we’re trying to do is develop a character of a guy who’s used to having loads of women around and is not obsessing over her, alright. She is simply one option in a sea of the plethora of other women out there that you could be seeing potentially, alright. So, again, do not get angry or emotional if she turns you down. Be like, “Yeah, cool. No worries. Maybe next time.” It’s much better than making a point that you had loads of preparation and you were looking forward to it. Even if you have organized something nice. Even if she cancels you the night before the date, the hour before the date, the big date, alright. It doesn’t matter.

Even if you spent money on theater tickets, alright. You be nonchalant and if you’re pissed off, that small, “Yeah, okay don’t worry about it.” That’s going to make her feel guilty, and she’ll know that yeah, he’s angry, but he’s not affected. He’s just thinking, “Wow, what a dickhead. Who does that? On a human level, who does that?” You shouldn’t take the piss like that of anyone but she’s not gonna be thinking, “Oh, my God, he loves me so much now I’ve canceled” because you’re doing it, again, more on a human level rather than an emotional level where you would desperately want to see this particular person. She’s just any person. She could be your brother. She could be your friend. It doesn’t matter. She’s a person who’s messed you around. That was how I would respond to somebody who I didn’t want to get with and who hadn’t touched me emotionally. There’s a big difference between someone annoying you because they’ve canceled or someone who’s upsetting you because they’ve canceled because you wanted to see them, alright.

How To Recover From That Rejection

Okay, and this opens up point number five which is, “How To Recover From That Rejection.” So, having sent her back, this easy-going, unbothered text, alright. You have to not text for a while, okay. So, do not then be the next morning like, “How are you? So, I’ve recovered from my little emotional hissy fit I had last night. I went to the theater on my own and cried everywhere all night thinking of you and violently masturbating over your Instagram”, alright. Don’t say that, but that’s what she’s thinking, alright. You’re going to wait. Do not text her straight-away afterward. Leave it for a while, alright. You’re not keen. Again, she’s not your sole focus. Leave it for at least a week. If she doesn’t text or try and fix up another date or to apologize that she let you down at the last minute, she hasn’t realized that she’s wrong socially in her conduct. She doesn’t deserve your text, and she doesn’t care about your text and doesn’t want you to text her particularly anyway. However, if you are seemingly distancing yourself from her, your interest has been subdued. You’re losing interest. You know what, fuck her. Alright. I don’t want to try and chase women who are going to mess me around.

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Well, then she’s gonna think, “Oh, wait a minute. Maybe I do like this guy, and he’s not that obsessed with me, and I’m losing my grasp on him, and I’m losing a member of my fan club.” And nobody likes to lose things which make their ego feel good. It’s more than likely; if you play it right, she’ll then think, “Wait a minute. What happened to John? He was really into me, and now he stopped texting me? That doesn’t feel nice. I’ve lost his affection. My ego is–maybe I’m not that great after all. Maybe John is the man! I’ve gotta text, John!” Hopefully, that’s what she’s going to do, alright. So, John if you’re reading this right now.

Reopen that conversation

Okay, so our final point, number six. When you’re done with this massive article, alright is when you do decide to reopen that conversation, alright, you go straight in with some banter. You do not want to bring up the rejection of the date. You do not want to bring up her excuse for canceling you. You do not want to instantly ask for another date. All of these things are just going to bring her mind back to the place when she rejected you. And it shows you’re still thinking about that rejection.


So, what you want to do is reopen with more banter. You said something funny to her when you met, alright. And by banter, I think it’s an English term. If you’re not in England, it means to have a laugh, messing around, teasing each other. So, instead of referring to the whole of the last scenario, say she said she couldn’t come on the date because she’d accidentally cut her foot off with an ax. You don’t wanna go, “Oh, my God! How’s the foot?” Alright. You want to simply move on. Forget about her foot. What am I talking about? Anyway, forget about her foot and simply refer to something funny which happened before the rejection, alright, or a new topic. So, do not refer back to the date, the reason for the rejection, or ask her out straight-away again. Forget about it. It’s in the past. Smooth it over. Reignite a humorous conversation. Remind her why you’re that cool, fun, charismatic, awesome guy. Bit of banter, a bit of joking, texting back and forth. Then, again, she’s gonna think, “Oh, wow. So now, he disappeared for a week.

He’s forgotten that I even turned him down, probably doesn’t care. And he’s back laughing again. And you’re back in the territory of the guy who wants her and doesn’t need her. You know why? Because the guy who needs her was obsessing about the date, she canceled. “Oh, I can’t get a –.” The guy who wants her was like, “Alright, this girl flopped on me. I don’t give a shit. I’m going out with my mates. I’ve got ten other dates.” Then he’s like a week later like, “You know what? What about that hot girl? Yeah, she was alright, that one. I’ll text her again. I’ll make her laugh again. Let’s try again. Round two.” And there you are back in the zone of having a real chance without sacrificing your integrity by being too needy.

Okay, gentleman, so there we have it. That was the final installment in our six ways in which most guys are losing women, losing dates through bad texting, bad calling habits, okay.

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