How To Lose A Girl In 6 Ways in 2018 Part I

How To Lose A Girl In 6 Ways in 2018  Part I

The subject of today’s article is the six most common ways that guys are losing contact with their crush by texting or overcalling. So basically bad etiquette when trying to secure a date in between the all-important first liaison when you get their number and when you’re texting or calling trying to strike up a rapport and get that date.

Okay, so we’ve had a lot of previous friends who we’ve been working with who have had this problem. They same to get a number from a chick, things are going well, then suddenly she stops responding, or she starts flaking a little bit, and they end up with nothing and no date. A recent friend of mine was in this exact situation, so we decided to make a very specific detail, going through all the reasons, the six most prominent reasons in fact which we found that he was suffering and were losing him those all important dates despite the fact he already had their number.

Okay, there’s a lot of information, and we want to do this in its entire state, and thus we’re going to cut the article into two parts. So this is part one of how you can be losing your crush or even why girls don’t like you, that date you want through lousy textmanship and the bad contact having already got their number. Alright, let’s go.


Over-texting. Alright, it sounds easy. You can always say it to your mates, “Dude, you got to not text her. “Don’t text back, play it cool.” But when you are in that moment you really want to see this girl. You really like her. Suddenly your whole life becomes obsessive. You’re picking out wedding dresses in your mind. Not for yourself, for her, obviously. Alright, you’re picking out wedding dresses. You’re thinking about getting matching trainers. You’re thinking about where you’re going to go on holiday. You only met her last week on a Monday, in a club, for two minutes. But that’s what you’re thinking about because she’s beautiful and you want her. This is the male condition.

This our payback for childbirth, is chasing women who turn you down. Or who don’t want you or who play games. It’s tough, and it’s a horrible situation to be in. As I said, I’ve been in it myself a million times. So you’re sending texts. She might be replying sporadically. If she’s not replying at all, then dude, you know, she’s not replying, give up move on. But if she’s replying sporadically, showing half interest, this is when it’s even worse. Maybe you’ve had a date. Maybe you’ve been dating. You have some contact. Maybe you even slept with her and now she’s gone cold. And you want her and you’re obsessing over her, and your life seems just her. You’re at work staring at a laptop and all you can see is her on the laptop. Your boss walks in and suddenly her face is imposed on his fat body and she’s wearing a suit, and she’s in your office and it’s all bizarre. You realize you’ve done drugs and don’t know where this article is going. So anyway, it’s an awful feeling to have when you just want to text her so much it’s killing you. But, homeboy, don’t do it. Simply don’t do it. You have to not text. You have to reciprocate her exact behavior. If she’s texting you sporadically. If she’s not showing any interest. You can’t text her a question and she says, so you say, so blah, blah, blah, blah, what have you been up to? And she goes, not much. You can’t then text back and say, alright, cool, well anyway, and go into a massive thing about what you’ve been doing or how cool it is that she’s been doing not much, or asking her why she’s not doing much. That’s over interest. You have to reciprocate the values and the effort she’s putting in.

So if she stops texting you, when she finally does you don’t text her back. In fact you leave it double the time. She texts you back after two hours, well then you text her back the next day after 12 hours. If she starts to play games and you’re still too keen, you’re simply giving away your ace. Your showing your hand too early. You’re showing you’re really keen and you’re really into her. You have to step back and show you are cool and aloof. Easier said than done. You have this inbuilt urge to text her, and once you’ve done it you feel, oh damn I shouldn’t have texted, especially when she doesn’t reply or takes ages to reply. A nice little technique is simply to take her contact in your phone and change the name to you will regret it, or no, or don’t do it. Then every time you get that phone out and the male urge takes over to start texting her, with this crazed look on your face you’re going to read don’t do it, you mug. Put that, don’t do it, you mug. I put those exact words, don’t do it, maybe not you mug but don’t do it, on contact, do not do it, do not text her. Because if you do you’re digging that hole deeper and every extra text, every extra cool, the hole gets deeper and you ain’t gonna be able to climb out, mate.

Emotional or mushy via text message

Okay so, point number two is don’t get emotional or mushy via text message. Don’t get lovey dove-y. So you’ve had a couple dates, you’ve had some contact. Don’t start telling her how beautiful she is and how you love spending time with her and all this. You can do that when you’ve got her when you know you’re in a relationship, it’s getting strong, or you’re about to get in a relationship. Until that point, you’re going to become again that needy guy I was talking about in point one.


You’re going to sacrifice your integrity. So we don’t want you to be emotional. No telling her you want to see her, or you’ve missed her, or you’ve been thinking about her. No sending her songs that you might’ve heard together. No reminiscing over moments you spent walking hand and hand by the river. For her the river was cold, it was boring, and you had bad breath. For you, it was this amazing moment. Remember you don’t know what she’s thinking. If she’s not as invested as you she’s simply going to be like, oh my god; this guy loves, he wants me. Her ego is going to inflate. You’re going to become a fan of hers. Another guy who wanted her because she’s so fine. And she’s going to stop responding. So let’s cut out the emotional, sentimental shit and let’s be that funny, legendary cool guy, you met her when you were drunk in the bar. Don’t have to be drunk in the bar. When you met her is what I’m saying because that’s when your game would’ve been on point because you were flowing with the humor and the charisma, and you were looking good, and you were the man. And now you’re in the zone of obtaining her; you start being a lil bitch. She realizes you’re not that cool guy from the bar, you’re a lil bitch, and you lose her. So no sentimentality, no emotional stuff. You are a man, an old-fashioned, traditional, strong type of man.

Lay on the banter, be interesting, cool, fun, great to hang out with, and leave the emotional, sentimental crap for the relationship, when you’re together, and you’re no longer feeling it because you got her. It works for you when you’re with her face to face, but it’s especially so by text. If she can sense that emotional attachment, that sentimentality, that longing to be near her, with her and not that kind of strong character which you were when you met her, and she will sense it via the medium of text, what’s that, whatever. It’s going to ruin your chance.

Do not send massive text messages with loads of information

Three. Do not send massive text messages with loads of information. When you text her, you got to imagine you are texting a friend. Okay, not like your boy you go the gym with, who just literally write two words, I’m outside or hurry up, dickhead. That’s not going to work. But a mate you’re sort of you’re getting along with, you’re laughing with, but you have no interest in, no sexual or romantic interest in. This is when you’re chasing. If she starts to show much more interest and she starts to give you the indicator she’s into it, yeah, you can be more flirtatious, give compliments right. However, in these early stages be funny and also don’t put too much effort in the text. Leave typos in.


Be scrappy. Your grammar doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t send her perfectly written essays with perfect punctuation. She doesn’t want that. It’s far too much effort. If your text is too long then don’t send it, make it smaller. Send one text and then a few minutes later send some more info as you would to a friend. It’s really obvious when someone is planning their texts. They’re trying to get too many emotions in in one thing. They’re trying to plan a whole date from when they’re going to go, to where they’re going to take you, what you’re going to wear, all this stuff in one text. You’re much better off saying, how about the cinema? Hey, so I thought it would be nice if you and I could hang out and go to the cinema. There’s a great film on. I’ve heard it’s really good. A friend of mine saw it, and it was great. After that, we could. No, no, we don’t want that. You’re just going to text her and say, cinema, question mark. It’s the same thing. It’s the same thing, except you’re not putting too much effort, and you’re cool. You’re going to go to the cinema, probably on your own, you’re that cool. Is that cool? Probably not. But anyway. So you’re going to make it really, really, really easy, relaxed, and humorous and fun as you would do with a friend.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t overwrite it. Keep it short and precise. Leave in typos, leave in bad grammar. It shows you’re not investing too much in that moment even though you’re investing even more because you’re thinking about invest. I’m getting confused myself. You get the point, let’s move on.

So there we have it, guys. That was the first three points in our article on how you could be losing your crush, the girl you want to be dating, through bad texting, bad calling etiquette. Part two coming very soon, so check that out.

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