What to Do When He “Loves You”, But Won’t Commit to You in 2018

What to Do When He “Loves You”, But Won’t Commit to You in 2018

Now, times have changed a lot, and a lot of women make a mistake in thinking that the old dating rules apply to the 21st-century dating scene today. They don’t. Nowadays, people, both men, and women are waiting longer and longer to not only settle down, move in with people but also to get married and have kids who are creating this awkward, non-relationship relationship status that gets messy, really quickly.

Maybe you have a late night booty call, and you’ve suddenly woken up and realized that you like that guy. Or perhaps you’re in a full-on relationship with a guy but neither of you will call it a relationship or even worse, you both love each other apparently and no one will even admit it because everyone is afraid. So, if you were to find yourself in any of these situations, I just want to give a little bit of advice because I think this is challenging for a lot of people out there while they’re getting out there and dating in the 21st century.

Not interested in that long-term commitment

So, tip number one doesn’t internalize it. If you’re finding that you’re with a man and it’s clear that you have a great connection, you have great chemistry but he’s apparently not interested in that long-term commitment, you need to realize that it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a flaw with you, it doesn’t say there’s necessarily a problem with you. It could be a lot of things going on in his life, or quite frankly, he’s just not ready for a relationship. Men can genuinely, and it’s sad, but men can indeed be in love with women but not willing to commit to them. I know that blows a lot of women’s minds, but it’s true, and the worst thing that you can do if you fall into that situation is to think there ‘s a problem with you. This is just how dating is nowadays and I think it’s essential for you to realize that first off, there’s nothing wrong with you and second off, that you can find a great man who is willing to commit to you who will be great for you and really treat you the way you deserve to be addressed. I can’t tell you this enough.

It’s okay for feelings to change It's okay for feelings to change

Number two is for you to get real with how you’re feeling about the guy. If you started dating someone casually, and then you start to get feelings for that person, it is okay. It’s okay for feelings to change. This (beeping) happens in life. You’re not just a robot who can only sleep with someone over and over and over again and be able to spend time with them and then wake up the next morning and pretend that it never happened, so I ask that rather than you repress those feelings, get real with those feelings. I mean, do you want something real with this person and if you do start to get those feelings, then that’s okay like come to grips with them. It may not work out as a relationship but at least get real with how you’re feeling. After that, I want you to be authentic with yourself and the guy that you’re seeing about what’s going on. When you’re in this kind of non-relationship relationship and both of you are starting to get feelings for each other, I think it can be easy for both of you to sort of walk around or tiptoe around the elephant in the room and I think it takes a lot of courage and it takes a lot of guts to actually just be real with someone that looks, we started this thing out and it was great and it was great because it was casual, we both had a lot going on in our life but I need to be real with you and like look, things have changed, and I think you’re a fantastic guy and I’d like to see where this goes. How do you feel about this? That’s an authentic conversation, being real about it, you’re not putting too much pressure on him saying like, this is your relationship right now, you’re just like focusing on the feelings first and then seeing where it goes.

That’s how you can be authentic, and that’s how you can be real, and I think it’s a missed art quite frankly and it’s a lost communication method that people just aren’t using nowadays and finally, after that, you have to be willing to walk away. I am such a firm believer that you are the most significant protector of your own heart and I know it sounds cheesy, but you need to be the type of person who doesn’t put your heart in situations where it can get hurt, and you can find yourself getting feelings for someone, developing strong feelings for a guy, then you need to be the person who’s willing to step away and you have to actually be ready to walk away from this situation even if he’s texting in the middle of the night, on Saturday night and you want to see him, actually walk away from the case and allow yourself to have a little bit of room to breathe to know what is actually right for you and what is not right for you. Now that you know these secrets you can choose the right man. I can advise you a great online dating site to start.

So, I hope you enjoyed this article. I think this is really important. Again, the dating landscape continues to change out there and I’d love to hear from you, have you ever been in this type of a situation, the non-relationship relationship? I’d like to listen to your story below or just say yes, I’m struggling with this as well. I’ve love to hear from you in the comments and also if you enjoyed this article, please give it a share.

Thank you so much, oh, and in top of that actually, if you want a little bit more help on this, I recommend you head on over to topolinedatingsites.com, don’t forget that. There are a ton of fantastic new resources this year that are going to be helping you through not only getting from a casual relationship to a committed relationship but also just how to get back out there and find love again. So, thank you so much for reading, bye bye.

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