How to Make Him Want You! 5 Words to Make Him Fall In Love With You in 2018

How to Make Him Want You! 5 Words to Make Him Fall In Love With You in 2018

Five simple but powerful words, and if you ingrain them into your relationships, you’ll attract more men, and you will be far more powerful in any relationship than you’ve ever been in the past. And no, this isn’t a F*cking clickbait. Keep reading!

Now, statistically speaking, men are more likely to fall in love before a woman. But if you do find yourself wanting a man to fall for you, then don’t forget these five words. They’re going to help you unlock a man’s heart and make him want you. And I boiled them down to one single word, so they’re easy to remember, and they’re easy to implement into your life.

Number one: You

Number one: You. Now, I believe that the definition of a great relationship is when both people put in, they focus their energy on the other person. And I found, throughout my life, and also being a dating coach, that there are two different relationship archetypes. The first one is those types of people who get into a relationship to get something. Whether it’s got a feeling, they want to feel the love from that person, they want to get that, or they want to get someone to show off to their friends, or finally just have someone – get someone who can entertain them.

The second archetype is those who want a relationship to give something; to provide their love; to give their devotion; to give their emotion and their time into the relationship. And if he’s giving in the relationship, he’s providing his time, his energy, his resources, and putting everything he can into the relationship. And you’re doing the same; you’re thoughtful, you’re doing everything you can to make his life better.

Then, ultimately, the whole becomes so much greater than the sum of two parts. And that is the definition of a healthy relationship, is when both people focus their energy on the other person, and ultimately both are so much better off for being in that relationship. But keep in mind, if you find yourself in a relationship who’s not focusing their energy on you back, then you need to realize this, it’s not going to get better.

The second word is “yes.”

If you’re finding you’re the only person investing yourself into the relationship, it’s time to take a hard look as to whether or not this is what you want. So, leave a comment below if you ever been in a relationship where you’re the only one giving. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. The second word that’s gonna make a man completely want you and fall in love with you are “yes.” Now, according to a fascinating study that was conducted by the University of West Minster, they found that a woman’s physical appearance is less of a deciding factor for attracting the opposite sex so long as the woman is positive. On the other hand, if she’s a very negative person, and she’s unattractive, then it becomes substantially more difficult to attract a mate.

So, necessarily, the deciding factor to be able to attract a great person is not all coming down to looks. What’s more important is being with someone who’s positive, who’s a positive influence in your life, and I can tell you, back when I was single, there were so many women who might be physically attractive, but I just got this incredibly negative vibe from them. Whether it’s their body language, or I could tell they just weren’t happy, and the moment that I got that feeling, I immediately wanted to just kind of back away, and kind of look somewhere else.

Word number three is “I.”

Word number three is “I.” Now, you’ve been told a lie from fairy tales and movies growing up. When you finally meet a great person, a great partner, or “the one” in your life, it doesn’t mean that you finally found your better half, it just says that you found someone to supplement your already incredible life.

And I think a lot of relationship advice out there caters to the type of people who wanna get lost in a relationship, who are willing to lose their sense of self, who are willing to lose their sense of “I,” I’m such a strong advocate. It really– not forgetting who you are and continue to build up who you are as a person, and being willing to stay independent of that person. It doesn’t mean that, of course, you don’t want to spend a ton of time with that person and share yourself wholly to your partner, but at the same time, you don’t want to lose every part of who you are, and just give into that person.

Word number four is “Thanks.”

Word number four is "Thanks."

Word number four is “Thanks.” A recent study by a psychologist at the University of North Carolina, basically found that on days when partners reported feeling more grateful for their significant other’s acts of kindness, or the things that they did, they also reported feeling much more connected to that person. And I can speak to this personally, I find that if Jessica and I ever get into a fight or disagreement, we make sure that not shortly, thereafter– I know it’s cheesy, but we will actually sit, especially before dinner, every once in a while we’ll do this and just say, “What are three things that you’re grateful for?” And always, if both of us are at least saying one nice thing about the other person, one thing that we’re grateful for in our partner, but just gratitude, in general, in life has a way of just washing away all the bull ****, all the things that you think you care about, and it really kind of boils down to the most important things in your life.

The fifth word is “No.”


And there’s a lot of psychology that goes into this were the moment that you start focusing on the things that are important and the things that matter to you are the moment that you stop stressing about the things that don’t. And the fifth word is “no.” “No” is one of the strongest words in the dictionary, and I found with a lot of women when they start to fall for a man, or they’re interested in a man, they want to say yes to everything, right? They don’t want to, you know, kind of ruffle the feathers, or make him feel like, you know, he’s saying something that you disagree with, so you always say, “Yes, yes,” and show interest, but actually, the type of woman who really attracts men, and kind of pique their interest, are the type of women who are willing to say no, who are willing to call a guy on his bullshit. So, don’t be afraid to do that, okay, don’t be afraid to say “No” to a man even if you’re attracted to him. Believe it or not, it’s an incredibly attractive quality, the type of woman who’s willing to step up to the plate.

Bonus! Here’s the word “Listening.”

And I’m going to throw in a bonus that you can do that is going to make a man addicted to you. Here’s the word “Listening.” Listening is such an important part of falling in love because as we fall in love, and as we connect with someone on a more deep emotional level, we have a need to be heard, and you have a need to heard as well.

So, you want, and justly, you want to be with a man who listens to you, and is willing to take a step back and stop doing all the talking. Men also want to feel that same level of connection. And I’ve found that, especially when it comes to just bonding with someone, even as friendship platonically, the best way to make that person bond to you is not by talking, it’s just by asking them questions, getting them talking about themselves and opening up to you. And before you know it, they’re going to feel like they know you so well, even if they’ve done all the talking, they’re going to feel entirely connected to you. These 5 words need to be a part of you. So start using it in your online dating life or maybe even at this dating site.

So, thank you so much for reading this article. If you enjoyed it, please give it a share, and also leave a comment right there below with the word that is most important to you, the thing that you need to work on the most in your relationships, and maybe you haven’t done them much in the past, but I want to hear from you right there below.

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