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Two years ago I would not imagine my life the way it is now.

I was 36, single, and was still living in my mother’s home. I was dreading waking up in the morning and going to my 9-5 job. Every day was the same and I had absolutely no excitement in my life.

My dating life was non-existent. There are 2.8 million people living in Toronto and I still could not find a single nice man. On one of my usual Friday nights spent lying on the couch, I accidentally came across Long story short, I am now married to a man I met on this dating site and expecting our first child. Crazy, eh? I made a little Kismia review for you guys so you know what I am talking about.


I think I spent nearly an hour deciding if I should register or not while staring at the main page of Kismia com.

Due to never using dating sites before, I was afraid of becoming the victim any sort of scam. However, the two people in the picture looked so happy and eventually I thought, “I want to be like them too, let’s do this!”.

Kismia Registration

The registration process is pretty simple, all you have to do is put your gender, who are you looking for, your name, email address, and password.

Personality test

After the registration process is complete, the fun stuff begins. There are 9 pages to the personality test where you have to choose the suitable options for yourself. It looks exactly like this:

Kismia Personality test

Take your time and carefully read all the choices. Remember to be honest.

I did make the mistake of not being completely truthful before and choosing the options that felt more “right”. This resulted in me matching with men that were very different from me and we did not exactly hit it off haha.

General information

The final registration step of includes filling out your province, city, age and other important information. At the end of the page, there is the “Attitude to life” section. This is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about yourself and show who you are and what you have to offer.

Kismia General information

The final step is uploading your photo and you are done!

Choose your photo carefully. I think a great idea would be to upload a portrait of yourself where you are smiling. Everybody likes a smile. I am sure that you already know this, but smiling is very attractive;).  


After registering on, you can adjust your search parameters, personal information, security, coins, subscription, and notification settings. Try putting as much effort as you can while filling out this section. This will increase your chances of meeting the right person and enjoying Kismia com to the fullest.

Kismia Settings

Exploring Kismia

Now you are ready to begin your online dating journey. First of all, I would like to mention that the site is paid, which I think is a good thing.The payment option automatically filters out all of the people who are not looking for anything serious. I was not interested in hookups or casual dating and registered in a hope of finding a life partner, and I succeeded.

Your options

Of course, you can still log in and use your kismia com account without paying, but your actions would be limited. In order to fully get the experience of online dating, I suggest making a payment for a Premium or VIP status.


There are a lot of benefits to a premium account.

Kismia There are a lot of benefits to a premium account

I especially enjoyed the mobile version and the search by city option that comes with a Premium account in I am always on my phone and find it more convenient than using my laptop sometimes. My job requires a lot of traveling and before going on a business trip I would sometimes search for men in that location. Once I had a nice date with a man while I was in Vancouver. We went to the Vancouver Aquarium and had a very lovely dinner afterward. Things didn’t work out between us, but I had a great time.  

In order to activate your Premium account, you have to pick between the following options:

Kismia Premium status

I picked the 6 months option for $1,99 a week because I thought I was going to be single for a long time. Little did I know, I met my husband in the first month of using


After receiving my Premium status, I got addicted to the site. I wanted more. So I decided to try out the VIP option.

Kismia activate your VIP account

Special message delivery and more attention, in general, sounded awesome. I definitely started receiving more messages, matches, and likes after becoming VIP. I finally met my soulmate after upgrading to VIP. I think it was because of my ice-breaker question showing up right at the top of his messages list 😉.

Kismia contact/support information

If you are having trouble using the site or would like to contact for any other reason, the dating site offers an email contact for its users. You can find Kismia Support contact information if you go to your homepage of and click the arrow below your profile picture next to VIP button:

Kismia VIP Button

Then, you will see the following options:

Kismia Setteings

Click the “Safety tips” option, which will send you the page where you can find the email of If you happen to come across a scammer or any other suspicious account, this is the email to which you can report such activity.

Report to Kismia

Another way to find the contact information of, is to scroll down the page where you will see the following options:

Main information about Kismia

Press “Contacts” and you will find the list of emails of for different inquiry purposes:

Contact Kismia

You can also find Kismia support information at the bottom of your homepage if you click on “Support”. You will see the following options:

Kismia Support

Here you can take a Psychological test or learn more information regarding your Premium or VIP status, accounting settings, and other. You can discover more  about each option by clicking on it:

Info about Kismia Premium account

Kismia how to send online gifts

You can send an online gift to any user you like on The gift button can be found next to the user’s profile, all you have to do is click it. For example, in the “Dating Game”, it can be found on the left side of the screen, as following:

Kismia Dating Game

The, you will be presented a variety of different gifts such as Animals, Food, Relaxation, pick whichever gift you prefer.

different gifts at Kismia

The cost of gifts is typically 100 coins per each. After selecting the gift, press “Recharge the account”, where you will be asked to chose your payment method.

Refill Balance at Kismia

Personal experience with Kismia

I enjoyed playing the “Dating” game very much. You can find the game at the top of your page screen right next to “Messages”.

Kismia “Dating” game

While playing this game, you are presented different profiles of men that are suitable for you. It even shows if a person likes your profile already, so you get to decide whether to give him a chance or not ;). You can either like the profile or skip it, or maybe you would like to send him a surprise? If a person likes you back, then you match and can continue chatting as much as you wish.

Kismia continue chatting

The Ice-breaker questions really did help to break the ice for me. They are automatic questions that you can send to someone. For example, “Tell me a secret, how did you get such a great photo?” or “How has your week been?”. For me, it has always been hard to find the right words to say, so this option really helped me to meet people. I remember on the first night after setting up my account, I had nearly 25 visitors and 50 likes. I guess my smiling profile picture worked like magic haha. I met a few different men before finally meeting my husband. Some of the men were quite nice, while the others were not. It is very important to stay safe. Never feel pressured into doing something or meeting someone you do not want to. I have had a match that would ask me to meet up multiple times a day. Eventually I just blocked him and that was the end of it. You can find more safety tips in the menu just under your profile picture at the top of the page.

Kismia safery tips

I hope you enjoyed my Kismia review, feel free to comment below and share your dating experience with  






User Base







  • the “Dating” game is very interesting
  • The Ice-breaker questions really did help to break the ice for me
  • 100% Safe


  • Need to pay a few

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