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Hi, everyone! My name is Robert, and I am an Asian Canadian. My parents have always dreamed of me getting married to an Asian, especially “from the old country,” all the while I was in relationships with white women I met from school or work. But last year, my latest relationship collapsed on the brink of engagement. Approaching 35 years old, I decided to heed my parents’ advice and try finding my match among Asians. The easiest way for me to do it was joining an international dating platform, given there aren’t many Asians in my Canadian city.

I read nearly 50 articles about different websites, and then this review grabbed my attention. It was so impressive that I thought it was a fluke. As I learned later, the site is extremely popular with Asian women. So it’s not surprising that I met a girl there who won me over. My parents also like her and I hope one day she will be my wife. This find inspired me to share my online dating experience with others. So here is my review about a site that not only has a staff that strives to satisfy all the needs of members, but also takes all possible measures to combat the scams that are so common in online dating.

Romancetale about

No freaks allowed

Romance Tale is all about premium online dating. That means quality service, but at a quality price. For your investment, you get a fast and easy-to-use platform, unique services, excellent customer care and, most importantly, the ability to pursue relationships only with people who want something serious. The initial membership subscription will cost you $9.99, and then you pay for each interaction with other members, including chats, messages and the ability to view personal photos and videos.  And that’s the reason why freaks, perverts, and people who just want to kill their time never stay here too long. They feel more comfortable on free dating sites.

Scammers are also not comfortable on RomanceTale. The site administration has taken all possible measures to protect clients from dishonest people. On the main page, several articles offer safety tips and instructions on how to spot online scammers, as well as how to behave in suspicious situations.

All those caught luring money or gifts from members will be banned, and their victims will get all the money spent on interactions with them returned. The site also offers its members the ability to prove their identity with IMBRA verification. Those who have successfully passed it can safely exchange their contact details once they are confident in their relationship, which usually comes after a few months. And they also get all the necessary help in organizing travel for real dates in their partners’ countries.  

All transactions on are protected by secure 128-bit SSL encryption, so hackers have no chance of stealing your personal and financial information. Being a member of this site, I chatted with nearly 50 women, almost all of whom talked about their dream of finding a secure, loving husband to build a family with. I never met a single scammer there, and nobody tried to steal my money. So based on my experience, the site team succeeded in creating a safe environment for true romantics.

Free to join

This site also offers a few free services, such as registering to become a member. All you need to do is enter your sex, first name, e-mail address, date of birth and password into the sign-up form. Then follow the link in the confirmation letter you receive by e-mail to finish the process of account creation.

Romancetale Free to join


More information – better matches

When you log-in for the first time, RomanceTale asks you to answer two questionnaires that take about 20 minutes. That’s how Romance Tale collects information about your personality and dating preferences, which is necessary to offer you matching partners. You can skip the questions you consider to be irrelevant or inappropriate, but I don’t advise it if you want to get good matches.  The more accurate information you offer, the better the matches the site’s algorithms can offer. If you’re reading this and you’ve already skipped some questions, you can edit your answers in your profile settings at any time of the day or night.

How does work?

After completing your profile, you start receiving messages from other members in the very first minutes, particularly if you’ve uploading quality photos. But you can’t read them until you pay $9.99 for the initial membership. The site accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro and all you need to do is to click on the orange Upgrade Now button and enter your credit card details in a special form (shown below).Romancetale How does work?

This package also includes 20 credits that you can spend on responding to messages or chat requests. Once these credits run out, you’ll have to buy others to be able to keep the communication going. If you don’t want to enter your credit card details manually each time (which gets very annoying when you’re in the middle of an exciting chat), you can set up automatic purchases of credits to avoid interruptions.

And once you’re fully equipped with a detailed profile, attractive photos and enough money for chatting and messaging, then you can truly enjoy all of what RomanceTale has to offer. This includes:

  • Simple and extended search engine. The simple engine allows you to find women of a specified age group, while the second option enables you to customize your search results by adding other filters, such as country of residence, education level and even body type. Frankly, I hope they consider other categories like favorite pets and hobbies. But I was able to find that out through chat anyhow!Rmancetale Simple and extended search engine
  • The site’s Faces feature is a fun way to pursue your fantasy lady by flipping through profile pictures with a mouse, clicking on those you like (with the majority actually responding, in my experience) or directly starting interactions with those who immediately get your pulse racing!
  • Instant messaging and e-mailing enable communication in real time. Chats are started by responding to a request or by visiting a member’s page and taking the initiative. RomanceTale’s formant allows you as much as 300 characters in chats, while its Mail option gives you far more space to express your deeper thoughts in a message, as demonstrated below.Romancetale Instant messaging and e-mailing
  • Virtual signs of affection. If you aren’t good at starting conversations with strangers, you can send the girl you like a wink or virtual gift, stick a Like on her page or add it to your Favorites. These tools helped me in my first week on this site when I still had cold feet. The girls received my virtual gifts and wrote me first.


  • Online shop for romantic stuff.  When you’re deep into the online passions of a virtual relationship, sooner or later you’ll want to make things real. A flower bouquet will help you make that transition, particularly if it’s for the types of classy women on RomanceTale who will appreciate such a gift. Each member can buy his date a real gift thought the site’s system and it will be delivered to her door.
  • Request Contact Details service. When you’ve established enough trust with your virtual date to move your communication offsite (which took me a few months), you can order the Request Contact Details service. Once identity is confirmed (involving a photo ID at minimum), RomanceTale bears no liability for the direction of the relationship. Yet those seeking to arrange an overseas meeting can always turn to the site to walk them through the process …
  • Set up a Date service. As this site is international, members who fall in love usually are residents of different countries. So it’s not as easy to go on a real date as driving to the next county. I took advantage of this service to organize my first date (and even chaperone!) with my girlfriend in China. The team helped me find a good restaurant in her town and hire a driver. That way, the next time I visited her I was able to get around without any help.

Pros and cons of


  • Free to join,
  • Scam-free zone,
  • Efficient matching algorithms,
  • Security of personal and financial data,
  • Unique functions that help develop a relationship.


  • Paying for each interaction with other members;
  • Lack of filters in the extended search tool.

So for those who truly want to find love online, this site is as good as it gets, as I found from my own experience. That’s especially the case for those who are interested in a long-distance relationship, as I was. is scam-free and secure dating platform that can satisfy all the needs of a modern person seeking love across the globe. So if you know what you are looking for here, you have a good chance of actually find it. Which is more that can be said for most other sites.






User Base







  • Free to join
  • Scam-free zone
  • Efficient matching algorithms
  • Security of personal and financial data


  • Lack of filters in the extended search too
  • Lack of filters in the extended search too


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