How To Start A Conversation With A Girl in 2018

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl in 2018

The subject of today’s article is how to start a conversation with a female and be slightly flirtatious. So how to approach girls, start a discussion with a little hint of flirtation, okay. And we’re going to give you four killer tips on how to do so.


Okay, so, number one, right. The easiest way to start up a conversation with the fairer sex is always to offer them a compliment on what they are wearing, alright. Very simple, okay. But you must have a follow-up comment or else you’re just going to get left dead in the water. So for example, if you go up to her and say hey wow, I love your shoes. They’re cool. That red is amazing. And then you don’t say anything else, she’s just going to say yeah, thanks, cool and walks away. Alright, so you have to follow it up.

Compliment women So you say hey wow, I love those shoes. That red is amazing. It goes with the color of your hair. You did that on purpose, right? You see that? What I did was the tie in the color of her shoes with the color of her hair, which is probably true as well, alright. So again, we can say something like wow, I love your boots. They’re awesome. They look wicked, right. And it goes so cool with your leather jacket. You look like you’re in a biker gang or something. You’re not in a biker gang, are you? She’ll laugh at that, and she’ll be provoked into a response to tell you she’s not in a biker gang. And if she is in a biker gang, then her boyfriend’s going to whoop your ass. Yeah, so stay away from biker gang chicks. Rule number two, stay away from biker gang chicks. Just kidding.

Opinion conversation starter

Okay, tip number two, right, is the opinion opener, alright, the opinion conversation starter. This one works great for when you’re in shops or restaurants. So let’s picture ourselves. We’re in a sandwich shop, okay. And we’re choosing sandwiches, and we know that we’re going to get the crayfish sandwich because we like crayfish. We see a hot chick, grab another sandwich, right, and walk up to her and say excuse me; I’m incredibly indecisive. I just can’t decide which sandwich to get. I need a female perspective. What would you go for? And then she’s going to giggle because she’s going to think who’s this freak showing me two sandwiches. But you don’t care because you’re confident enough. And then she’ll look at them, and she’ll say hmm, go for the chicken salad. And you go yeah, you know what, I’m going to go for the crayfish, but thank you for your time anyway. What’s your name? And you’re in there, Romeo, you’re in. Alright, so that is the opinion opener. You can do that anywhere. You could be in a shop looking at pizzas. You could be in a restaurant looking on the board, and you can say wow, that Hawaiian’s looking quite cool, but then again the meat feast is looking good as well. Ah, I can’t decide. Turn to your right and say to the hot chick, man, this is incredibly hard to decide. I want every single pizza. What would you go for, the Hawaiian or the meat feast? And this time you know you want the meat feast, and she says, I would go for the meat feast. And you go, you know what, damn right. That is a good idea. I’m going to go for the meat feast. Maybe later you can come back, and I’ll show you my meat feast. Sorry, sorry, that was bad. Don’t do that. Alright, moving on. Okay, so that was it. That was the opinion opener, alright. Remember guys; this is unserious. You don’t want an opinion on pizzas. You don’t want an opinion on sandwiches on whatever it is. You’re simply trying to make them laugh. It’s all very tongue-in-cheek if you please, right. We’re silly. We’re funny. We’re laughing. It’s just saying hey, I want to chat with you. I’m a funny guy. I have the ability not to take myself seriously and to have a laugh. You’re not going like hmm, yes, I think that’s a very good decision, the meat feast pizza, yeah, tasty meat. I like meat, high in protein. No, that’s not what you’re trying to do out here. What you’re trying to do is just get them laughing, get them talking, and then move the conversation on. Alright, in a flirtatious manner, it’s going to be very powerful.

Girl somewhere waiting for something

The next point is if you see a female who’s obviously waiting for someone or something at somewhere doing something, okay, you get my point right? So, if there’s a girl somewhere waiting for something, she might be waiting for the train. She might be waiting for her mates outside a shop. She might be waiting for the bus. You’re going to simply walk up to her and say, excuse me, are you waiting for someone? Is it me? And then do a silly look. Is it me? Could it be me? Ah, it’s not me, is it? Damn, it’s not me. Just kidding, I’m just kidding. And then you’re going to go into something else. You’re going to have a chat with her and have a real conversation. I’m just kidding. Who are you waiting for? What are you up to? Are you going anywhere today? Are you going out? How was your shopping? So then, having delivered this silly, cheesy line, again, tongue-in-cheek. Your facial expression is going to show you know you’re silly. What you’re saying is all I want to do is speak to you. She’s going to know that you want to speak to her because you find her attractive, but you’re also saying by using this cheesy, silly, lame humor I’m giving you here is that I’m not afraid to laugh. I don’t take myself seriously, and I’m going to come up to you and act like a complete twat, and it’s going to make you laugh. Once you’ve said the silly line, you’re going to move it on. Go I’m just kidding, that was terrible, wasn’t it? I’m, I’m funny, you know that. Who are you waiting for? How was your shopping? Did you get anything nice? Where are you going tonight? What are you doing then? And go into your real conversation.

Their nationality

Okay, our final point, number four, is to look at their nationality, alright, and to try and guess where they are from. And if you can’t guess where they are from to indicate that they are not from somewhere else.

 nationality women Sounds cryptic, it’s not that, alright. So I’m going to tell you how. So, say you see a girl who’s very blonde in a place like London where I live, she’s probably not going to be English. Nobody’s English in London anymore, alright. So you’re gonna go up to her, and you’re going to say, you’re Scandinavian, aren’t you? I can tell. And just literally stick it right on there. Just go for it, have a guess. It’s going to be a lot more powerful than if you go up to her and say, excuse me, where are you from? Or excuse me, what’s your name? She will be compelled to answer because you have been so dominant and forceful and said excuse me, you’re Swedish, aren’t you? And the same could be with a girl from Latin America. Excuse me; you have to be Columbian. Are you Columbian? Cool, that’s one way of doing it. We can refine this even further and make it even stronger by going straight up to them and saying excuse me; you’re not English are you? They again will be compelled to answer because they’re not English and the question has been so direct and a bit different from what they usually hear with guys like myself trying to hit on them that they’re going to answer. You’re going to then say to her, ah; you’re not English. She says oh, I’m Italian. And you go ah, Italian. I knew you weren’t English. I could tell. You’re far too well-dressed. All the English girls dress like shit. I love your style. There we have it. And you could even roll into your other line from earlier. You could roll into; I love your style. I love those red shoes. They go well with your red hair. Did you do that on purpose? I bet you did. And we’re back to start, and that was our first line. So all of these little points can be mixed in to make good conversation points as well as conversations starters, conversation openers.

So there we have it, gentlemen. I hope you liked that. I hope you go out there and meet some nice, attractive women with these cheesy lines that I’ve just given you. They work when done correctly. Follow the steps, and you too can be dating loads of hot chicks.

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