Take A Girl On A Perfect Date in 2018 Ideas Part 1

Take A Girl On A Perfect Date in 2018 Ideas Part 1

Today we’re going to be giving you some great date ideas, so let’s think four amazing, first date ideas is the subject of the article, alright, so first things first, no introduction, right, we are aiming at an international audience, we do have a lot of people asking us for date ideas specifically in London, but you know, if you’re in Bangladesh or Shanghai, why do you care about date ideas in London?

Thus, we’re gonna give you the idea and then you merely Google it in your locality, because the idea is what really, really counts, alright, so an extension of that is be aware of what kind of date you’re going on, okay, some of these ideas are much more active or physical or involves something, which you know a lady’s going to enjoy, alright, if you know what her personality is like, did you meet her in the gym, alright, is she a really physical person, have you had a lot of banter, and she seems chatty and adventurous? Well then, go for one of the more adventurous ones, if you’ve met her on Tinder, and you know nothing about her, then don’t go for one of the more physical ones, so we’re going to try and make that clear, as we go through the list, alright, we’re gonna give you a few date ideas for today and we’re going to do a series of these date ideas over the next month or so of really good first date, early stages date ideas, which are a little bit different from the standard go to a bar and get pissed.


Alright so, idea number one, alright, we have to make this very clear, because I said go to a bar and get pissed, that’s our idea number one! But it’s a bit different, right, you do not wanna take her to just any old bar, alright, you want it to be a little bit different, so ideally you’re always going to go somewhere with cocktails and good cocktails, a good cocktail bar is always the best, alright with I mean, a really extensive cocktail menu, there’s one in London called The London Cocktail Society, for example, which is really good, it’s got good music, it’s got young, cool, funky staff and they have a really extensive menu of cocktails, you can try one, you can compare and mix and match and it’s a lot of fun trying the cocktails.


I did say you know, the worst thing to do is just go to a bar, right, but it’s also the easiest thing and all of these dates if you drink and she drinks then drinks alcohol! Why? Because alcohol gets rid of inhibitions, you’re going to be more fun, you’re going to be more confident, she’s going to be more fun, you both get drunk, you’re more likely to end up in bed together, come on, it’s what we all want, isn’t, really, let’s be honest, so alcohol is good, but you’ve gotta make sure you take her somewhere nice, a boring, shitty old bar is not the way forward, so a nice cocktail bar is our first bar idea, alright.

Let’s extend this a little bit, right and we can go in to like rooftop bars, a sky bar, right, that is one of the best bars to take a woman to, alright, it’s classy, you seem high end, you’ve chosen it, The Shard in London, for example, is an amazing place to take a woman for a drink, right, anywhere which has a nice view, you can look out and both marvel at the view, I mean, like, “Oh my God, wow, it’s London,” yeah, it’s a lot better than sitting in some dingy pub or some shitty bar with a load of pissed up teenagers around you, it’s a bit more high end, a bit mature and it’s going to show you’ve made a bit of effort, okay, there’s the sky bar idea, one, but also there’s also the cozy hotel bar idea to extend on this point again, alright.

So you can take her to a hotel bar with beautiful sofas, it’s a bit more sophisticated, it’s a bit more high class, and it indicates that’s the kind of place you like to socialize in, it’s quieter, you’re going to get a table, a chair, you get service to your sofa, to your table, whatever and it shows a little bit of a difference from taking her to an average pub or a bar, so that is my whole sort of ethic on bars for a first date, alright, cocktails, sky bar, or hotel bar, alright.

Don’t take girls to a restaurant or cinema on a first date

I’m also going to extend this point slightly more, it’s a big point, don’t take girls to a restaurant on a first date, alright, nobody wants to be seen eating, you chomping away on some smelly garlic, her like you know, feeling awkward, ’cause she’s eating food, it’s not attractive.


I’ve actu self-conscious n the past and girls have said me like, “Oh, God, you know, “I’m so glad you didn’t wanna take me for dinner, “I’d be so self-conscious when I’m eating, “I wouldn’t wanna eat, I wouldn’t wanna order “the most expensive things on the menu,” or they do wanna order the most expensive things on the menu to show that they’re high value and piss you off, I’ve had both of those scenarios, not cool, so avoid restaurants.

Avoid the cinema, classic, cliche date, go to the cinema, say nothing for two hours, come out all blurry eyed and then be like, “Well, it’s now midnight, let’s go home,” we didn’t say anything, we don’t know each other, you’re still on the first date, you need somewhere, where you’re going to, have rapport, you’re going to be able to talk, thus the bar idea is good, let’s get rid of cinema, let’s get rid of restaurants.

So, an extension of the non-restaurant idea, alright, if you do want to grab some food, right and do that kind of route, say you don’t drink, or you do drink, but you don’t want to go straight to a bar, or it’s a daytime event, event? Date, then try a food market or a farmers’ market, for example, in London, we have Borough Market, absolutely amazing, there’s a huge array of small, finger food, stuff you can pick up, taste a little bit, share it, put it down, move on, you can buy a glass of champagne as you walk around, it’s awesome, alright, you’re also right next to the river, you know, it’s a nice view, it’s a nice setting, it’s really bubbly and it’s fun, it’s not the awkwardness, the expensiveness of watching each other eat, of sitting down and eating pasta one-on-one, no, you’re just gonna try stuff and enjoy the experience of trying international foods together, so food markets are great, winter markets are great, we’re coming up for Christmas, check that idea out, Borough Market is one of the best in London.

Play high-end beer pong

Okay, so point three, the first two ideas were this kind of generic dates, anyone’s going to enjoy a food market followed by a glass of champagne, anyone’s going to enjoy a nice hotel bar or a sky bar, even if they don’t drink, they can go and get a juice there, right, they can enjoy the titbits in the market, right, titbits is food, by the way, that’s a very old-fashioned English term, anyway. Alright, so this one is less generic, and we’re going to go for a more enthusiastic, bubbly kind of audience here, alright, you’re not going to take a mature lady for this date because the next idea is to go and play high-end beer pong!

hong kong beer pong

In London and other European cities, it’s not everyday like it is in the States and it’s quite fun, and we’ve never done it, and we’ve just seen it on Instagram or heard about it at American colleges, universities and we’re like, what is beer pong? That sounds kind of unhygienic, chucking a ping pong ball in a beer, then drinking it, let’s do it, let’s try it! So if your date is young, bubbly and fun, then beer pong is a really good option and if you Google beer pong in London, right and you go somewhere in town, it’s going to be a nice bar, it’s going to be quite fun, because we don’t have it, it’s not over here, it’s not going to be some dive, it’s going to be somewhere they’re doing this on purpose for young people, you can take her to play beer pong, it’s going to be a laugh, it’s going to be an activity and of course, you’re drinking the whole time, sharing a good moment, playing a little game, whooping her ass at beer pong, making her get drunk, and it’s going to be fun.

Let’s extend the pong thing, because table tennis, ping pong is also very popular right now, I know there’s a great bar in Shoreditch, forgotten the name, gonna flash it up now, Shoreditch is in East London, where you go, have a few drinks and play table tennis, alright, bring her to play table tennis, don’t go there with like a sweatband on and a tennis shirt and like train and like smash her, go and have a gentle game, you know, every now and then, whip her with a big boy forehand, bang like that, so she knows you’re the boss, but don’t take it seriously and don’t get embroiled in some game with another man to show off, ’cause that’s just lame, alright, unless you’re really good and you can actually smash him and then it’s quite cool, know yourself out here is the key to this date, right, but the ping pong date’s fun.

I’ve actually taken girls playing table tennis before, just spontaneously, there happens to be a table tennis table there, it’s always a laugh, you can show off your masculine skill at the game, and it’s fun, and you’re in a bar, so you’re going to be drinking, while you do it.


So, our next date, number four, we’ve mentioned alcohol a lot, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, what if you don’t drink, right? If you don’t drink, take her for shisha, okay, shisha is the big, flavored tobacco, bong things, I don’t know what I’m doing, right, but you get what I’m doing, flash of a pipe, there we go, that’s shisha, if you find a nice shisha cafe, this is a great daytime date, taking someone to a shisha joint is a really, really good date, right, there’s no booze involved, but you can order some little Middle Eastern nibbles, get some nice, flavored tobacco, if she’s done it, cool, she’ll know and she’ll enjoy it, if she hasn’t done it, she’ll might be like, “Oh, I don’t smoke,” it’s not smoking, it’s just flavored stuff, try it, it’s nice, you don’t even have to inhale it and also it has a really nice ambience, Middle Eastern music, you’re going to order some mint tea, sit there, have a good chat and you’ve got this activity, it’s the activities, which makes these dates good, they break up the awkwardness of a one-on-one situation with someone you don’t know, thus the beer pong, thus the view to look out at, thus the table tennis, thus the market to walk around, it’s giving you things to focus on and to talk about, while you’re getting to know each other.


One-on-one, unless you’re a great conversationalist and even if you are, if she’s shy or boring, it’s going to be much harder to make this date really flow well, so the shisha also gives you something to do, you’re trying the tobaccos, you can try some different flavors, you’re messing around, trying to make it work, you’re teaching her how to do it, you know, you’re having mint tea, it’s all a bit different, Middle Eastern vibe, it’s a really, really good date, so shisha is our fourth date idea for the day and again, people will be like, “But yeah, where do I go and get shisha?”

Don’t just walk into your local shisha shop, if you’re in an area, which has one, probably won’t be very nice, Google the best, classiest, high-end shisha joints in central London, or central Hamburg, or central Paris, then you’re gonna be guaranteed to find one, which is high end and date-worthy, not in like some fucked up area, which is not going to look good and not is very nice and has a nice ambience.

Alright, so that was our first four date ideas in the Top First Date series, there’s going to be plenty more coming, give those a try, I am guaranteeing you they’re all going to work well, so readout for more in this series, more top date ideas.

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