Top Tips To Lose Love Handles | How To Reduce Your Love Handles in 2018

Top Tips To Lose Love Handles | How To Reduce Your Love Handles in 2018

The subject of today’s article is how to reduce your love handles. Okay, so what the hell is love handles? They’re not lovely at all. They’re that stubborn, annoying bit of fat which resides here. Alright, so I don’t want to show the world my love handles, but I don’t have huge love handles. You know why? Because I do what I’m about to tell you about. Okay, so here are tips to get rid of love handles.

Love handles, you say, there’s nothing lovely about them. I’m not picturing some handles on a pink tandem of love; these are bits of fat. We don’t want them, let’s get rid of them. Nothing lovely about these handles. In fact, I can’t handle how unlovely these love handles… You get the point.

Working the muscle nearest to the area you want to burn off is going to burn a minimal amount of fat!

Alright, tip number one. Exercise is important, but most definitely not the key to getting rid of love handles. Okay, so we’re going to tell you a couple of exercises which will help and stuff which will hinder. Okay, so often you’re gonna see, “Yeah burn that fat with this kind of movement.” Working your obliques, side crunches, side planks, sideman. None of that works. So basically, oblique exercises do not work to slim down this area.

Okay, yes, working the muscle nearest to the area you want to burn off is going to burn a minimal amount of fat. It’s all diet. In fact, what oblique exercises do is make your waist thicker. This muscle here gets thicker, your waist looks thicker, the fat is still there on the outside of it, and you lose that small waist shape because really the best shape is the tapered shape, the ice cream cone shape. If you make your waist thicker, you’re going to be more blocky, when you want to be more triangular.

Working the muscle nearest to the area you want to burn off is going to burn a minimal amount of fat!

Okay, so leave out the oblique exercises, oblique cable crunches, side crunches, all this kind of stuff, don’t do it. You don’t want to grow the obliques. Working the serratus is a different area. You want those cuts there? Then look into working that area. Leave the obliques alone. They’re not going to make your shape look any better, and it’s not going to burn off those killer love handles.

Okay, a couple of exercises which will help to strengthen your lower back are deadlifts and squats. Alright, of course, they’re going to burn off a bit more of the fat around your lower back, which is the nearest area to the love handles, the stubborn side chubby flabby bit there.

Okay, so squats and deadlifts! As well, they’re massive movements; they’re going to burn a huge amount of calories, release a lot of testosterone throughout your body. So, even if they’re not directly an exercise which is meant to hit that, they are an overall body workout movement. Right, and they’re going to serve to target those areas, just because they burn fat from everywhere. And especially deadlifts. Alright, especially deadlifts work that lower back area and promoting fat burning around there.

Okay, so our next point follows on from the last one. We were talking about shape, not building the obliques, okay, because you don’t want a rectangular shape, is to build the ice cream cone shape. The best exercise you can do, side lateral raises. That kind of thing will give you a wider shape on the side of your shoulders. And pull-ups, lap pulldowns, will give you a wider cobra back, right, and that triangular shape. That will make your waist look smaller, that will make your obliques, sorry your love handles, look less prominent compared to your big upper body. Okay, so you want to look like you’ve got a smaller waist, If you want to make that annoying love handles look smaller, work on your upper body. It’s the shape, not the actual stubborn area here, which is the overall view people get of you.

Paleolithic-style diet

Okay, our next point, and probably the most important, is your diet. Okay, people try and do crunches. “I want some killer abs this summer.” They do loads of crunches, and then they go home and eat bread, and pizza, and pasta. No man, your diet. Abs are made in the kitchen and love handles are lost in the kitchen. Okay, so follow a clean diet, alright. Eat less, eat higher protein, cut out bad carbs.

I’m not going to go into the technicalities of simple and complex carbs, but you can Google that and find out straight away. Cut out all the bad carbs and prepare your carb sources beforehand. Okay, think what you need to eat, think what’s going to fuel your body, eat before the gym, don’t eat too late at night, and stick to a Paleolithic-style diet, that’s a caveman diet, basically, from the Paleolithic era. If you can’t pull it out of the ground, you can’t fish it, you can’t pull it off a tree, or you can’t hunt it, you can’t eat it. It means you can’t have any of the good stuff. You can have meat, fruit, and veg. And that’s what you should live on.

And that healthy diet will help to promote a fast metabolism, you won’t store fat, you eat at the right time, and the body weight will simply drop off. But to do so, first, you have to wean yourself off all the good stuff. Sugar, carbs, and all that crap, which we here in the decadent west, put in our bodies on a regular basis. So just remember diet knowledge. Fewer carbs, good carbs, follow the Paleolithic diet, is the key to losing body fat anywhere. And especially in that stubborn love handle area where the fat comes first and goes last when you’re dieting.


Okay, following on from our point about good diet is cardio. Okay, a lot of guys hate cardio. “I don’t do cardio, bro.” Well bro, if you want to get ripped, and you aren’t on steroids, and you want to eat, you must do cardio. Cardio, as does weights, burns fat. Right, and weights burn on a more longterm basis over eight hours, but cardio seems to take that body fat down that extra layer. So do cardio, hit the treadmill, hit the rowing machine, get cardio involved in your diet… Your diet? In your workout routine.

Don’t fear hunger

Don't fear hunger

Our final point is don’t fear hunger. Hunger is your best friend. You’re going to have to be hungry if you want to get super ripped. Yes, you can eat protein here and there, six smaller meals a day, but especially, initially, as I said, you’re going to have to wean yourself off your carbs, and that feeling of being hungry is your friend. I hate to say it; it’s controversial, hunger is a good thing. You want to lose the weight; your stomach has to shrink. And it’s very natural; you’re not going to die, you’re not going to collapse. Don’t be too easy on yourself. “Oh, I can’t concentrate at work. “I need to eat some chocolate.” No. Alright, eat protein, eat vegetables. Your stomach lining will shrink, it will get used to having less manmade foods, no sugar.

You might be a bit moody for the first week or two, but you’ll be very happy once you’ve weaned yourself off those humanmade substances and you’re eating less, more healthily and more regularly. Ignore conventional mealtimes as well. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it means nothing. You eat when you’re hungry, smaller portions, more regularly, with higher protein.

Okay, gentlemen, that was it. Those are my top tips to get rid of those stubborn love handles. Everyone’s got them, even me with very low body fat, still has it a little bit. But I guarantee, if you abide by these golden rules, and they’re not easy, it’s still going to be a lot of mental power, then, my friends, your love handles will decrease.

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